I didn't vote for Trump in the primary. I voted for Cruz. I obviously voted for him in the general election against hillBILLary because I didn't have a choice and I've been happy with him for the most part. There is absolutely no doubt he has been and hopefully will continue to be much better for freedom, foreign policy and tax cuts. I actually believe foreign countries have some respect for us again. He's making them pay their far share in NATO for the first time in awhile. I love my Euro bros but come on guys. The American taxpayer isn't responsible to keep Europe safe. We'll certainly help out but you gotta chip in. The MSM lies relentlessly about his tax cuts claiming it was all for big business but that's completely false. I've done my taxes now for 2 years under Trump's tax cuts and both times I got far more back than I did under obama. It's actually not even close. My taxes were cut by over a thousand dollars a year. TRUMP 2020

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