Federal Judge Backs People-Powered We Build The Wall, Inc. – Shreds Federal Lawyers For IBCW

We Build the Wall, Inc., a nonprofit organization founded by triple amputee veteran Brian Kolfage, is gearing up to build a second portion of wall along the U.S. Mexico border on private land in Mission, Texas and the “deep state” International Boundary and Water Commission is, again, relentlessly doing everything to sabotage the project. The […]


An Italian court has ruled that Facebook must restore the page of the Casa Pound party, highlighting the impact of the Israeli-controlled social media behemoth on Italy’s politics. So far, the US tech giant, owned and controlled by dual passport holding Mark Zuckerberg, has impudently shrugged it off.

McConnell: "There's No Chance The President's Going To Be Removed"


Despite Media Attacks, Conservatives Win Huge Majority in U.K. Elections

Just as the U.S. media was sure Hillary Clinton would destroy Donald Trump in 2016, the left-wing U.K. press was sure communist leader Jeremy Corbyn and his leftist Labour

Democrat Lawmaker Caught Watching Golf on His Laptop During Impeachment Hearing (VIDEO)

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) was caught watching a round of golf during the ongoing House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing on Tuesday night. GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest posted the video on Wednesday: What on earth is Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond watching on his laptop during this impeachment markup? To me, it looks like Rep. […]

Watch Live: House Votes On Trump Articles Of Impeachment

Why did China unexpectedly announce a delay in its much anticipated 930am presser from the China State Council where it will provide Beijing's take on the
On Friday Democrats will change the US political system and politics forever. Democrat lawmakers will vote on Friday morning to impeach a duly elected president based on lies, smears, assumptions, non-crimes and innuendos. The country will be forever tarnished and forever changed. Democrats pushed their hatred of this president and his voters to a new […]

Pat Buchanan: Whare Are The "High Crimes"?


Stocks, Yuan Puke As Trump Calls WSJ Tariff-Rollback Story "Fake News"

Update (9:25amET): It's hardly a surprise, but Axios's Jonathan Swan reports that President Trump specifically objects to the detail in the WSJ story claiming that the

China Set To Break Silence On Trade Deal At 0930ET

The market appears convinced this is everything we've been hoping for but the radio-silence from China (along with leaked rumors of concerns about the terms -

Watch Live: China Delays Trade Deal Press Conference To 10amET

The market appears convinced this is everything we've been hoping for but the radio-silence from China (along with leaked rumors of concerns about the terms -
The battle for the democrat nomination to replace disgraced ex-congressperson Katie Hill is heating up. The Young Turks blowhard Cenk Uygur represents the bats*** wing of the party, and swamp creature Christy Smith is carrying the water for the establishment democrats. Both are trying to rack up endorsements. And both have their wings of the […]

Core Retail Sales Growth Weakest Since February

With YoY retail sales growth having slowed dramatically in the last two months (actually contracting MoM in Septmber), analysts were expecting a credit-card-fueled buying bounce in
One of the chief goals of the Commonwealth’s new governor and his fellow Democrats is to pass a growing list of strict, anti-gun laws that will make owning a

Stocks Dive On China Ag-Buy "Concern" Rumors

Stone silence from China on the Trump administration's reported done deal should have been the canary in the coalmine but now CNBC reports that China
Mother, Ashley LeMay, of Desoto County, Mississippi, recently shared a video with a local news station that she hopes will serve as a warning to

There Is Only One Thing That Can Close The "The Widest In History" Profits Gap

Earlier this week, we asked a question whose answer in 2020 may finally spell the end of the record-long bull market: "Is It Possible That S&P

How The IG FISA Abuse Report Affects Michael Flynn’s Case

‘Far too many in the FBI and DOJ are willing to hide evidence, falsify documents and make up crimes to achieve their objectives.’