Trump’s is Right: “Wise Latina” Sotomayor and Anti-Trump Ginsberg Lack Impartiality

President Trump tweeted out that he believes that Justices Sotomayor and Ginsberg should recuse themselves when ruling on anything to do with his administration. Do they lack impartiality? Yes, they

CNN’s Jim Acosta Takes Swipe at Trump…The President Calmly Hits Back

During a press conference in New Delhi, India, President Trump was asked by CNN’s anti-Trump activist reporter Jim Acosta if he’ll pledge not to take foreign election assistance. What a

Video Exposes Pete Buttigieg for Using Exact Lines and Tone of Voice as Obama

The videos below use side by side comparisons of what Democratic candidate for president Pete Buttigieg says vs. what Obama said in past speeches.

Joe Biden Tells Crowd He’s a “Democratic Candidate for the United States Senate”

This is unbelievable!
Joe Biden is out there gaffing like crazy, but then he tops it all by saying he’s running for US Senate in South Carolina.
The best thing about Joe Biden’s latest gaffe is the hilarious response from Andy McCarthy!

Chris Matthews Gives On-Air Apology to Bernie Sanders After Nazi Invasion Comment

After complete outrage from Bernie Sanders supporters and calls for his resignation, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews made an on-air apology to Sanders for comparing his Nevada caucus win to the 1940

AOC’s Seat Could Be Eliminated By Establishment Dems Over Her War On Fellow Democrats

The New York Post reports – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t just supporting women in announcing a slate of seven House candidates who’ll get cash from her Courage to Change PAC:
Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein was convicted today of rape and criminal sexual assault.
Two young boys riding their bikes in Hobart, Indiana, with Trump flags attached to them, were allegedly forced off the road by a couple so intolerant of other people’s views

Feds Charge Somali Market Owners With Food Stamp Fraud of Over $10 million

Over the years, there have been many cases of millions of dollars worth of food stamp fraud reported where the person charged with the crime is an immigrant.
Eleven-year-old Bailey Nielson was accompanied by her grandfather when she appeared at a gun legislation hearing at the Idaho Statehouse today.

Jussie Smollett Faces Off With Brothers He Hired in Hate Hoax

Jussie Smollett was seen walking into court today in Chicago as were the brothers he hired to carry out a hate hoax last year.
President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were given a hero’s welcome in India, where India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted President Trump at the airport with a huge hug.

Breaking: Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty on Two Counts…Could Face Decades in Prison

Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein has just been convicted of rape and criminal sexual assault.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Visit India’s Taj Mahal

President Trump’s two-day trip to India got off to a great start with a rousing rally and then a visit to the famed Taj Mahal.
Bernie Sanders was interviewed by 60 Minutes’ Anderson Cooper and defended his past support of Communist Cuban leader Fidel Castro:
During an interview on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper asks Bernie Sanders how he’ll pay for the ambitious new government programs he’s proposed:
It’s a pattern Americans have become all too familiar with— anti-Trump media use unverified sources to create fake news stories that unfairly paint a picture of an untrustworthy President Trump,
Novel Coronavirus, which emerged in China in late-2019, has infected more than 75,000 and killed more than 2,200 people in China. The CDC has reported 12 cases of infection first
The U.S. Men’s Olympic ice hockey team celebrated the 40th anniversary of their historic win in 1980 over the Soviet Union in Las Vegas over the weekend.