Hospitals across America are stretched to their limit as doctors, nurses and health care personnel work round-the-clock to save the lives of patients infected with COVID-19. Doctors, nurses and medical

President Trump Calls Out Obama for Not Endorsing Joe Biden Yet…Teases That He Knows Why

During the Coronavirus Task Force press conference today, President Trump asked the question every Democrat has been avoiding since Joe Biden announced his candidacy for president.
During the Coronavirus Task Force press conference yesterday, President Trump spoke out to criticize the World Health Organization for how they handled the coronavirus outbreak. He said that his administration
Actor Dennis Quaid gave a good review of President Trump and was immediately slammed by the deranged left on social media with comments like the ones below:
Two days ago, a Michigan doctor wrote a compelling opinion piece in the Detroit News about how COVID-19 is “its own animal,” and how much of what he’s learned to

Breaking: Bernie Sanders Suspends Campaign Clearing a Path for Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders has officially suspended his campaign on Wednesday. During an all staff conference call, Sanders announced that he is suspending his campaign for president.

Michigan State Rep on Coronavirus Recovery: “I do credit the president”

Michigan State Rep Karen Whitsett joined Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss her miraculous recovery from the coronavirus.

Video of Trump’s New Pick for WH Press Secretary Shows She’s a Great Fighter

The Trump administration announced today that Stephanie Grisham is stepping down as President Trump’s WH Press Secretary and will be replaced by Kayleigh McEnany. Grisham will go back to being
A reporter was taken to school today during the WH Task Force Coronavirus Press conference when President Trump asked a question.
During the Coronavirus Task Force press conference today, President Trump announced a freeze on World Health Organization funding:
Joe Biden just can’t help himself. He’s a master of giving very confusing answers that fit the narrative he wants to promote. What is he saying in the statement below?

Donald Trump Jr Slams NBC for Reporting Zero New Deaths from Coronavirus in China

NBC News is fanboying for China in a big way with their latest statement buying into the lie that China has ZERO new cases of deaths from coronavirus.
Last night, at his daily coronavirus press briefing, President Trump revealed that the federal government had stockpiled 29 million doses of Hydroxychloroquine.
Only moments ago, President Trump blasted W.H.O. (World Health Organization), saying they “really blew it.” President Trump warned that his administration will have a “good look” at the “very China
During the Coronavirus Task Force press conference yesterday, a female reporter began her question to President Trump by listing all of the things China has done for the US before
Alton, Illinois Mayor Brant Walker is taking the governor’s statewide “Stay at Home” order seriously. He’s even boarded up basketball hoops where kids gather in an effort to prevent young
Vice President Mike Pence fact-checked Sen. Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden’s erroneous claims about the President’s coronavirus response. They had previously claimed (see below) that President Trump should appoint a
ABC News White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl got taken to the woodshed today during President Trump’s coronavirus press briefing.

MI Dem Rep With Coronavirus Credits President Trump, Hydroxychloroquine For Saving Her Life

Michigan Democrat State Rep. Karen Whitsett’s not the first person in Michigan to credit President Trump and hydroxychloroquine for saving her life, and she won’t likely be the last. She’s

I’m A 50-Something, Trump Supporting, Wife and Mother Living In Michigan…And I’m Tired

I’m a 50 something Trump supporter, wife, and mother living in Michigan, and after only three weeks into the Wuhan coronavirus lockdown, I’m tired.