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Amazing Polly - exposing the counterculture of the 1960s for what I think it really was: an attempt to redirect humanity from freedom to technological enslavement. I touch on John Brockman, The Grateful Dead, Hunter S Thompson, Ken Kesey, Owsley Stanley

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I find it interesting there is a Branson link to NXIVM, Peter Nygard & Jeffrey Epstein.

What will be exposed in the future about Branson and his island?!!!

The Coincidences Just Keep Coming


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Literal enemy of the people. This is Nazi level propaganda.

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This article says that @RichardGrenell just hired “an expert on Trump conspiracy theories.”

The evidence? The aide wrote “a politically charged memo” that “was widely criticized as misleading.”

That was the Nunes memo, which turned out to be accurate.

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This is the third or fourth “go fund me” page father has started. Courts made him take down every previous one. Regardless what he does or says - State watches him like a hawk! #PPC #MadMax

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Smith suggested that by forcing people to say that boys are girls or that girls are boys, the court had totally detached itself from the most basic principles of justice and resulted in large segments of the population questioning the integrity of the court.@FPVaughanIII

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Anyone who thinks kids being fed gender-ideology doctrine in school won't result in more of this crap? Get your head out of the sand.

And this is a 9-year-old. Imagine the impact on kindergartners.

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Lmfao ... let's see Tory open his multi-million dollar condo in Yorkville, or his ski chalet in Blue Mountain to outsiders. What about his mansion in Palm Beach Gardens or his cottage in Muskoka? - I'm sure there are many rooms that aren't being used in his multitude of houses.


Dear Patriots: I am currently working towards launching a Constitutional challenge against the Federal Govenment (as an individual).I might end of broke and humiliated, but I’ve got them dead to centre on a point of law. If successful we are all free! That is it for now Donna

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So Q made the drop last night about Wexner and look who steps down today! Fun times!

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Father Risks Jail To Fight Canadian Gov't Sanctioned Trans Child Mutilation

Radical network of activist lawyers, judges, politicians & doctors in Canada are pushing for & profiting from state sponsored child abuse


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And anarchist smell blood as Ottawa’s “progressives” no longer believe it support the rule of law. Lawlessness and woke anarchy now take up the vacuum created by the Trudeau government and their pals in the Bloc, NDP and Green

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People are asking if protestors are paid.
The vast majority aren't. But the organizers are.

See for yourself.

Here's an ad from @StandEarth to an organizer for activism against #Teck, #TransMountain & LNG.

Salary: $70,000 to $85,000

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Monolithic Conspiracy by @99freemind - keep doing what you do Polly!! ❤️

Monolithic Conspiracy


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Pizza parties for Liberal backbench MPs to encourage them to come up with names to appoint to the bench. So much for an independent judiciary. Scandalous. #Liberals