Daily Coronavirus Deaths Decline in Italy, Spain and France

Italy, Spain and France have reported declines in their daily death count from the coronavirus epidemic on Sunday, suggesting that the European nations most devastated by the disease may have turned the corner on the virus.

Smugglers Posing as Border Wall Construction Crew Arrested After Border Patrol Shootout

A group of at least two human smugglers who were disguising themselves as member of a border wall construction crew engaged in a shootout with Customs and Border Patrol in Arizona last week.

New York Storefronts Boarded Up as Burglaries Rise 75%

Retail establishments in New York City have begun to board up their storefronts as the Chinese coronavirus shuts down the city, and the NYPD reports an alarming 75% increase in burglaries since the start of the city’s state of emergency.
According to a Breitbart report, Children appear to be benefitting from stay-at-home orders many states have implemented during the Wuhan Virus outbreak in the United States.

Leaked Amazon Memo Shows How the Globalist Company Demonizes Their Own Workers

A leaked memo from Amazon showed how the company’s CEO Jeff Bezos attended a recent meeting in which Amazon executives plotted ways to demonize a top labor organizer.

Italian Governor of Lombardy is Called “Racist” For Wanting to Test Travelers from China

Attilio Fontana, the Governor of Lombardy said he was accused of racism in February when he recommended that travelers hailing from China be tested for the Wuhan Virus.

Texas Judges are Releasing Violent Criminals on Low Bonds Due to Wuhan Virus Concerns

The current Wuhan Virus saga is witnessing various state governments and municipalities promoting policies that disrupt law and order.

HOSPITALIZED: British PM Boris Johnson Admitted with Continued Coronavirus Symptoms

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to a hospital following his continued COVID-19 symptoms.  The Prime Minister tested positive for the virus ten days ago.

Hispanic Caucus Wants ICE to Let Illegal Aliens Loose During Wuhan Virus Crisis

John Binder of Breitbart Newsreported that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is pushing for all illegal aliens in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody be released in the midst of the Wuhan Virus crisis.
A big winner of the economic peril caused by the coronavirus pandemic has been the monolithic Wall Street management firm BlackRock, which has been granted sweeping new powers by the Federal Reserve.

North Carolina Pro-Lifers Sue City After Being Arrested for Prayer Outside of Abortion Clinic

A group of North Carolina pro-life activists are suing the city of Greensboro, North Carolina for arresting them as they prayed outside an abortion center in the city.

Be Careful What You Wish for: Andrew Cuomo Thanks Chinese Government for Donating Ventilators

On March 4, 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo thanked the Chinese government for donating 1,000 ventilators.

Kroger Grocery to Offer ‘Hero Bonus’ to Staff Keeping Stores Open

Kroger Grocery stores are offering a standardized ‘hero bonus’ to staff keeping their stores open in the midst of the raging Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

Grupo Modelo Suspends Production of Corona Beer Amid CCP Virus Outbreak in Mexico

The Epoch Timesreported that Grupo Model, which makes and exports Corona beer, will be suspending its operations after the Mexican government declared that their breweries were non-essential.

Grupo Modelo Halts Production of Corona Beer During Wuhan Virus Outbreak in Mexico

The Epoch Timesreported that Grupo Model, which makes and exports Corona beer, will be suspending its operations after the Mexican government declared that their breweries were non-essential.

Dallas County Safer-at-Home Order in Effect Until April 30, Could be Extended

On Friday, April 3, 2020 Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins clarified that his Safer-at-Home order is in effect until April 30.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent actions by states and local municipalities, many restaurants have been greatly impacted.
Yesterday, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez tried to resurrect some obvisouly fake news in a back-and-forth with Laura Ingraham on Twitter.

What?! Bloomberg Op-Ed Calls for China to Reopen Infamous Wet Markets

In what could only be called the most bizarre of takes, Bloomberg’s David Fickling is lauding China for reopening the infamous wet markets from which the coronavirus is thought to have originated from.

ACCOUNTABILITY: President Trump Fires Deep State Snitch Who Triggered Impeachment Hysteria

President Donald Trump is taking out the trash now that the impeachment witch hunt against him has subsided, and he has fired a deep state snitch instrumental in getting the impeachment proceedings off the ground.