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We do not know if someone actually died from #COVIDー19 for weeks? Is that what he said?

Meaning, the deaths currently being reported is of people who died that also tested positive for Corona? I could die from pneumonia, but if I also test positive, I would be added to count? https://t.co/2tIJSo87jF

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All right, enough of this. Time to start reopening.

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Yes it was. I worked in @newyorkcity as an ED and ICU nurse It has been a hot mess for a long time the #COVID19 just brought it out in the open the @NewYork government has been robbing the medical system for decades.

@jaredkimball Jared Kimball

Past 3+ months number dead in US:

Past 7 days number unemployed in US: 3,280,000

On an exponential scale the virus has caused more job loss than deaths.

I’ve personally known 53 people who lost their job in the past 2 weeks.

@AJA_Cortes Alexander J.A Cortes

Why haven’t deaths gone off the charts in Japan, Egypt, Thailand, Sweden?

Why didn’t countries that were slow to react and didn’t quarantine till very recent (or not at all) NOT have people dropping dead in the streets?

@Ari_Kos Aρη K

As a physician in NYC, this is absolutely true. Politicians are corrupt to the core, now they are running scared bc they do not know what the hell to do.

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The coronavirus is a serious issue, but @RealCandaceO warns that we must watch out for a "social media pandemic." pic.twitter.com/TfCVzNPDlU

@GReschenthaler Rep. Guy Reschenthaler

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my interview with @RealCandaceO on @prageru. https://t.co/DOigforybI

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My children & grandchildren think the same as we do. We taught them to take care of themselves & not rely on Government. In fact, MY GENERATION, consisted of 60’s protestors, Vietnam veterans, stay at home moms; women libbers - all different but all independent.

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My husband and I (both seniors) agree. It is easier for us to stay home! We are old and wise enough to NOT allow government to "be our daddy".

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WHY DO I SUPPORT BLEXIT ? @RealCandaceO pic.twitter.com/Ap3KuTN6DO

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