@maramka94 Maram

We had to open all the windows so they don't break from pressure, it's so cold in here, the explosions are very loud and clear, I think most of the people in Damascus are awake by now, and I fucking hate Israel.#DamascusUnderAttack

@vanguardtvn Vanguard Television

Black people need leaders that can't be bought! ~ Min. @LouisFarrakhan #SD20DET #Farrakhan

@jmcevoy_2 John McEvoy

Quite amazing: 143 French activists have gathered in Paris tonight to travel to Belmarsh prison to protest the extradition of Julian Assange pic.twitter.com/Lfj2vfRZPX

@SavageJoyMarie1 SavageJoyMarieMann?

I get called “ugly”, “gross”, “disgusting”, in comments of my live-streams, so here’s a sneak-preview of what you’re in for if you tune-in: if I offend your eyes, don’t join-Props to those who prioritize the substance I speak vs. focusing on aesthetics. #InsipidAF pic.twitter.com/8pWGY8uNky

@SteveKingIA Steve King

Phil Haney was a friend & patriot. He was a target because of all he knew of Islamic terrorist coverups. He insured his life by archiving data that incriminated the highest levels of the Obama administration. Phil Haney didn’t kill himself. RIP, Phil. https://t.co/pvy7MflFwc

@VRSVirginia Virginia Giuffre

Kelly Bovino Umekubo- is another Ghislaine Maxwell, Eva Dubin ect- the older women in #Epstein circle that procured and participated. I’m outing her after going to her house and being yelled at. Victim blaming- not cool Kelly. #MeToo #EnoughIsEnough #EpsteinDidNotKillHimself pic.twitter.com/K3BkwkjhOi

@suigenerisjen Jen Robinson

"It is incredibly troubling that our secret and privileged legal conversations with Julian #Assange were recorded and apparently handed to US authorities....[a breach of] one of the most fundamental principles of protecting attorney-client relationships” https://t.co/bmT0OBV8NZ

@apostleJTrent Apostle Joshua Trent


@GFlock_GCSN Gregor Flock

Yes, Israel has been the prime interferer in US elections for a long time (the Russia-interference story also serves as a cover for that, among other things). Just watch the four part documentary "The Lobby - USA" https://t.co/KUZ3DeSMpM

@Vahidza84659434 Vahid zare


@zombieantguy David Hughes

.@FAO survey on shores Lake Turkana (Northern Kenya) to assess swarm. These are yellow and of life adults mating pic.twitter.com/NY83z8zUk9

@ATiger94 BA TIGER


@unikgirl11 Joanna Justice?

Heroin Dealer in Chief. Afghanistan, Source of 90% of The World’s Heroin

"A heroin surge is shocking & awing Americans,165000 of who will be killed the next 10 yrs.
How does 913,000 pounds of heroin from US-occupied Afghanistan get to US each year?"https://t.co/X5K7d4yYWn pic.twitter.com/G1QXFoamUN

@Nick_Clamorgan Nicolas Clamorgan ❌ ??

How could have anyone foreseen that that could happen...?!https://t.co/vMGangSu61

@LoyolaTrue Alaine

Wow! Wow! Wow!
UN Troops Featured in World Military Games in Wuhan China Weeks Before C... https://t.co/V8OfhqxBqP via @YouTube

@novel_covid_19 Coronavirus breaking NEWS

Stunning and disturbing. #coronavirus compared to other

virus outbreaks.


@EpigeneticWhisp EpigeneticWhisperer

Outrageous revolving door problem where top execs flow back & forth b/n #BigPharma & these Gov orgs. It also pisses me off when ppl don’t reskize that up to 70% of media’s ad revenue comes from #BigPhama. U think they r going to report honestly on #vaccines?!?


@PamMaccabee Pamela Maccabee

MalcolmX definitely should be included as a champion. https://t.co/DUS40d36CL

@mtaibbi Matt Taibbi

Right, why would intelligence professionals lie? Except about the missile gap, the Gulf of Tonkin, illegal arms sales, overthrows of foreign governments, domestic surveillance, torture, WMDs, assassinations, rendition, drug trafficking, human experimentation, and drone warfare? https://t.co/7Z9KxASUb7

@JasonBermas Jason Bermas

Anybody still think it WASN'T Trump that pulled the strings to get @TheNotoriousMMA into the country with two open rape cases in Ireland and 19 previous convictions? https://t.co/svxclbnxSu