@RanaVin20 Raymond Vincent Ranaletta

According to doctors at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn the Ventilators that politicians were crying we need more of to save people are doing the opposite. How many deaths have occurred because of this @TradCatKnight. @AngeloJohnGage @geraldcelente @cynthiamckinney @HenryMakow pic.twitter.com/RDprs5qWrI

@Charlotte3003G Charlotte Gracias

Why have all elective operations and most clinical consultations been cancelled for 3 months?
Why are some reporting that schools will be closed until September?
If the situation is supposedly being reviewed week by week, this sounds like something well planned in advance?

@fightfor15 Fight For 15

"I would have coughing spells at @McDonalds and I couldn’t leave. There is no paid sick leave. If I don’t show up, I don’t get paid, and I can’t afford that." #FightFor15 https://t.co/EKTTJ24Xsk pic.twitter.com/fXd958Iwim

@OpFreeAssange OperationFreeAssange

WikiLeaks publisher and multi-award-winning journalist Julian Assange is in peril. #EvacuateAssangeOZ Australian citizens, contact your MPs and Senators. Tell them to #BringAssangeHome:⬇️ https://t.co/v3l2jqDFfIpic.twitter.com/sXzYByGBfj

@blacknoteshub Blacknoteshub

Pay Attention 👂🏿.......
Dr John Henrik Clarke...
You Have No Friends Afrika.. pic.twitter.com/8T99Ujh7GX

@Banjomarla #FreeAssange # FreeSpeech

No wonder people are suspicious .
A completely inept medical response , but a technological system to track the people, that they cannot even be bothered to test . https://t.co/RY3MNHu3vT

@Corrynmb Corryn?

I keep having this paranoid thought that this whole Covid-19 hysteria was created by Democrats to destroy the booming economy & interfere with an election. Yes, I believe there is a virus... but should it warrant this type of response? This is unprecedented!

@eileeniorio EileenIorio

He wants us to stay at home until there's a vaccine in 2 yrs? Until we can be chipped? Then he will allow us to re-enter society, what's left of it?
In 3 weeks, Bill Gates has elected himself @POTUS and future leader of the NWO?
Everyone ok with this?https://t.co/9dDhwQjN7F

@RealMattCouch Matt Couch ?

For everyone screaming... "Trust the CDC.."

Just a little reminder of what happened less than two years ago.. https://t.co/5wkWKtDWTJ

@DrKND Dr. Rick Kirschner

Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left. pic.twitter.com/hbpeet0Yqu

@TLAVagabond LastAmericanVagabond

So I wake up today to find that @YouTube (for no discernible reason other that we are really starting to reach people) pulled the plug entirely on our channel's video monetization, superchats & memberships. #Censorship #WeDontNeedYourBloodMoneyhttps://t.co/FeD2k6o2FM pic.twitter.com/bt6vi6O6m6

@vetpatriot17 Bill #Cult45 ??????⭐⭐⭐??????

Yet so many in the media want to downplay, deny or disparage.

Still believe the media is honest?

So proud of our providers for finding a cure, testing and sharing results.

Remember when the president was mocked for suggesting?

The media... not your friend. https://t.co/KDCH6hK2iw

@marsquake neri

“Italy signed a preliminary accord with China on Saturday that makes it the first country of the Group of Seven industrialized nation to join the Chinese Belt and Road infrastructure project.”https://t.co/AmOCXU4Mic


This woman who lives in Tampa Fl bought up all 3M N95 face masks in Central FL for resale to make huge margin,she deprived the most needed people’s rights to protect themselves from infections,federal government declared its a crime to hoarding medical supplies for profit only. pic.twitter.com/s72VkXhqv2

@stclairashley Ashley StClair ??

Alright how do I unsee something pic.twitter.com/tkr9pk4Tep

@ArtAHammer Arturo Hammer

Smaller words couldn't hurt. https://t.co/GPjKOz2jL2

@DontDregMeBro D'Plorbl DREGs

GOD thing.

Why the PANIC, CNN? pic.twitter.com/Iau8NlzYEW

@joleone jo leone

3 days before he left office, Barack Obama appointed Susan Rice & Valerie Jarrett to the Kennedy Center's board of trustees

@SheJokerLouise ?She Joker ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Here is how I like my corona...🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/dlUhffU2Wj

@Nigel21915926 Nigel??

Italian politician Fabio Rampelli removes the EU flag from his chambers and replaces it with the national one.

If the Coronavirus did one good thing, that was expose the European union for the inept bureaucrats they are. pic.twitter.com/NG1qG4N0fY