Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 30, 2020, #251

Dane Wigington Has the storm arrived? Have we reached the boiling point? The true expanse and depth of the injustices that are being carried out against populations could never be calculated or comprehended. Converging catastrophes continue to close in on us all, it is imperative to keep an eye to the horizon. The latest installment

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 23, 2020, #250

Dane Wigington The engineered pandemic has provided the power structure the premise to implement global societal lockdown. Does our government believe it has the right to compulsory vaccinate populations? Will Americans go blindly along with the many agendas that are clearly being carried out by those in power? The Covid-19 crisis has completely eclipsed unfolding

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 16, 2020, #249

Dane Wigington Cold, warm, cold, warm, the weather roller coaster goes on in so many locations. What is it like in your area? The global lockdown continues to take its toll, the president has stated the US military will be utilized to vaccinate all Americans. Societies all over the world find themselves facing a new paradigm

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 9, 2020, #248

Dane Wigington Are climate engineering operations being used to carry out other agendas? How will the unfolding paradigm all across the world play out? Who is pulling the strings? How will populations respond when their lives can no longer be maintained due to the repercussions from the global lockdown scenario? What connections are there between the current

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 2, 2020, #247

Dane Wigington "It's in the air”, what do you think?  With each passing day our collective reality continues to be pushed ever further into uncharted territory. The true origins of the current pandemic are beginning to come to light, as are some of the agendas and objectives behind it. The paradigm we have all previously known

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 25, 2020, #246

Dane Wigington Question, sprayed skies and the current situation, is there a connection? New science reports confirm that Covid-19 has been found attached to atmospheric pollution particles. How did that happen? Further, more lethal versions of the coronavirus are now showing up. Is the current pandemic the greatest foe we collectively face? Or are there far greater

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 18, 2020, #245

Dane Wigington How much longer can the current state of civilization be maintained? More and more information is coming to light regarding events and individuals that have played a part in bringing us to where we are now. Will new information help to expand understanding and unite populations? Or will ideology, preconceptions and programming continue

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 11, 2020, #244

Dane Wigington Populations all over the globe are now facing changes and challenges that were formerly unimaginable to most. What agendas and objectives are being carried out by those who control the levers of power from behind the curtain? Will rapidly deteriorating societal circumstances finally compel populations to objectively investigate frontline facts? The latest installment

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 4, 2020, #243

Dane Wigington Societal lockdowns are greatly impacting us all while simultaneously eclipsing the wider horizon of abrupt climate and biosphere collapse. All the while covert climate engineering operations continue to derail and disrupt Earth's life support systems. The danger posed by the ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying operations cannot be overstated. Are the aircraft spraying programs dispersing more than

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 28, 2020, #242

Dane Wigington Unprecedented events are rapidly unfolding all over the globe. Is Nature to blame? Or are the primary causal factors directly related to human activity and power structure agendas? Societies are being locked down around the world, up to a million US military reserve troops are being called back to service. Is martial law about

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 21, 2020, #241

Dane Wigington So many factors are so far past the breaking point. How can we know the true extent of what is unfolding around the world? For so many, the paradigm they have always known has been completely overturned at blinding speed. Will the gravity and immediacy of the challenges we face begin to become

The Dimming, Film Preview

Dane Wigington What has happened to our once brilliant blue skies? How many have noticed the change? Why are skies now so often filled with the lingering, expanding, and sky covering remnants of jet  aircraft dispersions? Atmospheric particle testing has now conclusively proven that the lingering spreading jet aircraft trails are not just condensation as we

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 14, 2020, #240

Dane Wigington Unfolding global scenarios are beginning to break down the deeply rooted normalcy bias that is so pervasive in industrialized societies. Supply chains are being impacted, stock markets are fluctuating wildly, and many store shelves are being stripped clean. Yet all the turmoil is actually further blinding populations to the wider horizon, the accelerating climate

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 7, 2020, #239

Dane Wigington So many have mistakenly chosen to believe that the paradigm we have all known would somehow continue indefinitely into the future. Unfolding realities make clear how incorrect such a conclusion was and is. As of yesterday, the Costco in Redding, California, was completely out of toilet paper, paper towels, and bottled water was being

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 29, 2020, #238

Dane Wigington Is our seasonal weather natural? Is there anything natural that can be found today? The Coronavirus continues its advance while stock markets rapidly retreat all over the world. Even now, very few in first world nations understand the gravity and immediacy of what is unfolding, biosphere collapse is core to the equation. We

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 22, 2020, #237

Dane Wigington The paradigm of perpetual growth on a finite planet with finite resources was never sustainable. Now, a global pandemic has been added to the equation. Biosphere and climate collapse has forced the hand of those in power, the coronavirus known as Corvid-19, is not an act of nature. Crop and fisheries are failing around the

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 15, 2020, #236

Dane Wigington Climate engineering, the coronavirus outbreak and countless other converging factors are taking their toll on modern civilization and the planet's life support systems. The Pentagon is preparing pandemic quarantine centers in the US, how bad will the outbreak get? Why is the World Health Organization involved with bio-weapons labs? Snow just fell in Mexico, Baghdad and

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 8, 2020, #235

Dane Wigington More science reports have confirmed the engineered DNA of the new Corona virus. Earth and societal changes are accelerating at blinding speed on countless fronts, links in the chain of our current reality are already breaking down. In spite of unfolding biosphere collapse, the US stock market has hit yet another record high. How

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 1, 2020, #234

Dane Wigington The global pandemic, the arrested Harvard scientist, nanotechnology and climate engineering, how are they related? Along with proliferating virus outbreaks, climate catastrophes continue to worsen rapidly around the world. Will populations finally begin to wonder whether such events are just acts of nature? Or something else all together? The unprecedented wildfires in Australia continue unabated,

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 25, 2020, #233

Dane Wigington What an overwhelming week with critically important events unfolding from all over the world. There is so much to cover, and so little time, please tune in. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below. The gravity and immediacy of unfolding events cannot be over stated. All are needed in the critical battle to wake