Nadler Accuses Senate Of Being “Unconstitutional,” Rand Paul Unloads

“If the Senate doesn’t permit the introduction of all relevant witnesses and of all documents that the House wants to introduce because the House is the prosecutor here, then
House Democrats blocked a vote on a resolution introduced by House Minority Leader California Republican Kevin McCarthy that supported Iran’s pro-democracy movement and condemned the Mullah’s role in the

Pelosi Compares Trump To Murdering Mobster: “Do You Paint Houses Too?”

Nancy Pelosi said: “The president of the United States, in using appropriated funds enacted in a bipartisan way by this Congress, funds that were meant to help the Ukraine
The Pentagon says its Top Secret-classified briefings and Secret-classified videos would cause “exceptionally grave damage” to America’s safety, according to Vice.
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), a staunch ally of President Donald Trump, told Breitbart News on Saturday that he thinks “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is fueling

Judge Levies Steep Fines Until Wisconsin Deletes 200K Illegal Voters

Judge Paul Malloy ruled that the three Democratic commission members who have fought his previous order to remove the illicit voters must each pay $250 a day for every

President Trump Tweet Breaks A Twitter Record But MSM Silent

President Trump broke a record for the “most liked Persian tweet” in Twitter history when he issued a message of solidarity with the Iranian people protesting Supreme
New York cameraman Ken Evseroff, 52, told the New York Post that on-air reporter Narmeen Choudhury falsely accused him of racism.

MSNBC Host: Trump’s Fault That Nazis Are ‘Walking Around’ In America

Joy Reid: “What we’re kind of all getting to is Donald Trump — we were talking about this in the hair and makeup room as well — he produces

Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart Says New Show is Attack on Trump and Brexit

Ahead of the debut of his new series, Star Trek: Picard, Sir Patrick went on a tear against all those evil conservatives that he hates so much in a
The bill was filed by Philip Singleton, a recently elected Republican State Representative from Sharpsburg, Georgia. Singleton said that his bill aimed to eliminate the

Trump Blames Obama for Helping Fund Iran Missile Attacks

President Donald Trump claimed Wednesday that the missiles fired by Iran at targets in Iraq Tuesday night

CNN’s Don Lemon Encourages ‘Shaming’ Of Republicans

In a move that has reportedly angered the Queen, Harry and Meghan said they were “pressing the nuclear button” on their lives as British Royals and quitting their frontline
Pelosi called Pence back at 6:34 pm and he briefed her on Iranian attack, per @Drew_Hammill

80s Pop Icon Boy George Mocks Preferred Pronouns Trend

Boy George tweeted to fans that they should “Leave your pronouns at the door!”
The hashtag “#IraniansDetestSoleimani,” began trending on Monday afternoon as millions of Iranians began to cut through the media mourning and Democrat Party terror support to tell America that common
“Soleimani was the mastermind of Iranian hegemony over the region, responsible for hundreds of deaths, thousands of deaths in many many nations,” she added. “There’s no criticism that legitimate
Late last week, President Donald Trump gave the go-ahead to launch a missile strike inside Iraq that took out two of Iran’s top terror generals,