Despite Media Attacks, Conservatives Win Huge Majority in U.K. Elections

Just as the U.S. media was sure Hillary Clinton would destroy Donald Trump in 2016, the left-wing U.K. press was sure communist leader Jeremy Corbyn and his leftist Labour
One of the chief goals of the Commonwealth’s new governor and his fellow Democrats is to pass a growing list of strict, anti-gun laws that will make owning a
Mother, Ashley LeMay, of Desoto County, Mississippi, recently shared a video with a local news station that she hopes will serve as a warning to
He threw down his notes and stormed off around 4:41 pm, nearly 7 hours into the hearing.
“Often, in managing appropriations, OMB must briefly pause an agency’s legal ability to spend those funds for a number of reasons, including to ensure that the funds are being

Mall Fires Santa for Wearing a Donald Trump Campaign Hat

Veteran store Santa Frank Skinner, 50, was fired from the Waycross Shopping Center last Thursday after mall manager James White saw a photo of Skinner wearing a Trump hat
Parents of students at Kannapolis Middle School were furious when a social studies teacher asked kids to determine how many black slaves would be “equal to” four white people

Horowitz: No, Comey Is Not Vindicated, No One Who Touched This Is Vindicated

Lindsey Graham then read a series of statements from Comey, in which the former FBI director called the notion that the FISA
Actress Megan Fox says she and her husband send their three young boys to “an organic, sustainable, vegan school” and teach Journey, three, Bodhi,

Exxon Beats New York’s Climate Change Lawsuit

The state of New York took the energy giant to court claiming that the company misled its investors about the risks of global warming and the role fossil fuels

Someone Has Been Putting Little Cowboy Hats on Pigeons in Las Vegas

People have been spotting pigeons high-stepping around the city with the headgear on and it has the whole town talking.

CNN Forced to Correct Fake News ‘Bombshell’ Manafort Report

The newly released IG report utterly debunks a report that CNN made in 2017 that it called a “bombshell” report proving the evils of Trump.

Lisa Page Sues DOJ, FBI For Leaking Text Messages To The Press

Former FBI attorney Lisa Page sued the Department of Justice and the FBI on Tuesday, alleging information about her was improperly disclosed to the

Teacher Allegedly Assaults Student Over Her “Women For Trump” Pin

A Mason High School student turns to the police claiming a teacher assaulted her during school hours
These farcical articles of impeachment show how the Democrats have constantly moved the goal posts time and again in this circus of an investigation.
Harris had remained the top favorite of the Hollywood set until she quit the race, but her departure left Hollywooders with no candidate. But now it looks like many

Walmart Pulls Sweater Featuring Santa Snorting Cocaine

We know that Santa’s reindeer fly high, but apparently these sweater want us to think Santa does, too… but not in that “magical” sort of way.

Liberal Portland Wants to Force Building Owners to House Homeless

The commission has proposed a new rule that would require building designers and property owners to allow the homeless to “rest and be welcome” on their property despite what

Athlete Fired for ‘Anti-Gay’ Bible Verse Wins Court Battle

Folau took the country’s rugby league to court and charged them with wrongful termination on the grounds of religious discrimination.

Dem. Al Green Says We HAVE to Impeach Trump to… ‘Deal With Slavery’?

I, know, you are scratching your head.
But he was serious. He thinks the way to erase America’s “original sin” is to, uh, impeach Trump.