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The FDA has never been interested in cures or safety.

It is a lobbyist gold mine.

You have to remember, this is the same agency that allowed the opiod crisis to run amok.

These are the same people that have no problem with Monsanto.

They're one of the biggest problems in USA!

@thekbroskilla Tick Tock⏳⌛

FBI arrests Harvard chemist; two others charged in Chinese research cases....https://t.co/vdN1g2BT9p

@Real_EllieBrown EllieB ? #SayIt Just like that.

Listen: I’m on front lines in outbreak Seattle nursing home. It is my job as emergency response director to get supplies. The feds have opened the pipelines. It is the job of the governor to order PPE & distribute. And since we are Tier 1 urgent, I EXPECT my supplies STAT. E

@HRHPrincessPR HRHPrincessPR

Dr. Fauci, supports Hillary Clinton: pic.twitter.com/25qiVvklCH

@DanAllan_2 Dan?️‍♂️⛳????

We should be marching on Washington with pitch forks if they don't do anything about this.

I'm pretty sure we are all fed up with people in both parties getting rich off our backs. Times up.

@tdelmoe Telford

Preferred “Margin Call” more intense and I came from the world driving the Mortgage Crisis (housing).

@JudiciaryGOP House Judiciary GOP

A new era begins. Let's roll, @Jim_Jordan. pic.twitter.com/ULkeonbB7I

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Salute&GQQDMorning Patriots!

Donald! @TheJusticeDept It’sTime 2ReleaseAllMissingFiles& ProduceThe #OriginalFlynn302 IfItsNot NThe @FBI Sentinel System TheHow&WhoRemovedIt?! AGBarr @KerriKupecDOJ
Dismiss @GenFlynn’s Case https://t.co/O1acYgM5to pic.twitter.com/puxiit72gJ

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Biden's rise means Ukraine will resurface as an important issue for voters.

What @OANN's @ChanelRion and @RudyGiuliani started late last year must be revisited and expanded upon going forward.

Biden's corruption must be exposed. @realDonaldTrump has hinted at exactly that. #KAG https://t.co/KacOMPBab7

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In Roman times where a temple existed in honor of Apollyon the Destroyer (Apollo), where the Romans believed was a gateway to the underworld. LHC was designed to smash sub-atomic particles together at or close to the speed of light in order to break them apart...

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@sibeledmonds Sibel Edmonds

US puts on a great show accusing countries of being UnDemocratic because they jail journalists. Well, in US it is not about respecting the freedom of press- it is about making sure there are no real journalists so no need to jail any. Catch my drift?

@axios Axios

Since Trump's Senate acquittal, aides say the president has crossed a psychological line regarding what he calls the "Deep State."

He feels his government — from Justice to State to Defense to Homeland Security — is filled with "snakes." https://t.co/17iRJ6sRUX

@AndriyUkraineTe Andrii Telizhenko

‼️NEW EP 8 PODCAST‼️ by @RudyGiuliani where the #Truth and #Facts are being told by America’s Mayor and lets not forget Top Prosecutor who has more experience in investigating such crimes then anybody else. Uncle Joe and Dems corruption in #Ukraine is unveiled. @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/E0nS3SIK0S

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This is Epic news and as a @GenFlynn @lofly727@SidneyPowell1 @BarbaraRedgate@JosephJFlynn1 @GoJackFlynn @flynn_neill
Supporter I am thrilled to hear what Joe Flynn had to share with us. God Bless you!!! 🙏🇺🇸
Patriots United against this Evil!! https://t.co/mrk6PZwpFm https://t.co/Elmjl9uls2

@BardsOfWar BardsOfWar

Tic toc.

The interview with Joe Flynn, brother of LT GEN (Ret) Michael Flynn is complete.

Publication date: Thursday, 13 FEB 2020 on the Bards channels...

YT: https://t.co/fjTPeiwMhS
Bitchute: https://t.co/Y8CSGEWDkd

One of the most important interviews you will hear. pic.twitter.com/zlpuaa4wgH

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Shirt says, “Yes, I’m a Trump girl. Get over it!”

👕 Shirt From https://t.co/XBrA2G79sz
🧢 Red Hat from Trump tower in NYC
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🧢 Green hat.. don’t remember 🤷🏻‍♀️ @w_terrence says rock your Trump gear and wear it proud ✅ #MAGA #KAG #MEGA #Q https://t.co/cDCfpDHIs6 pic.twitter.com/sGQuFWj1cn