Thomas Goodrich: Hellstorm

Category: News
Date: 16 July 2018
Author: Australian Born German

Can reading a book or watching a documentary be more traumatic than experiencing real life? Yes, it can.

Reading Thomas Goodrich's gruesome description of the German suffering and watching the Hellstorm documentary was the most painful thing I ever did. It brought back all the stories my grandmothers told me when I was a kid. I was the only grandchild who would listen to them, not just out of politeness but genuine interest. None of my aunts and uncles, siblings and cousins was interested in their “old stories”. Deep down in their heart, they believe - or have been brainwashed to believe - that the Germans brought their suffering upon themselves, almost deserved it, because they had allowed Hitler to do whatever he supposedly did to the Jews.

For the first time in my life, I was able to feel some of the pain they must have suffered. Until reading "Hellstorm" and watching the 1.5 hours documentray of real footage of what happened to them, their stories had never hit home the way it did today.

Reading and watching “Hellstorm” made me feel like I was right there, next to them, where and when it all happened. I could feel their fear and their unbearable pain. I know from both grandmothers that the abuse, humiliation and suffering they had to endure would have made them kill themselves, if they didn’t have to care for their young kids.

The world owes the German people (including the Austrians) more than just an apology. They had pre-empted and stalled the imminent Finland-style Soviet invasion of Europe and Bolshevik world conquest. They might not have defeated the NWO, due to Western countries’ efforts, but they bought humanity three generations of time. The price Germans paid for their valour couldn’t have been higher. It’s time for them to receive their due gratitude, recognition and compensation and it’s time for the enemy of mankind to foot the bill.


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