Can We Afford (Not) To Trust Trump?

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Date: 20 January 2020
Author: Rebel of Oz

People who know me are well aware of my misgivings about infighting. I’m passionately opposed to it. Divided, we are weak. United, we are strong. As long as we agree on the common enemy, we can agree on a common platform. The common enemy is the establishment, no matter how we call it.

Call the enemy the “ruling elite”, “banksters” or even “reptilians” and “lizards”. If you want to blame the Catholic church, the Freemasons or any particular demographic, I don’t care. We are still fighting the same enemy, the same evil. We can fight him together. Together we are stronger. Together we can win.

The enemy is well aware of this. That’s why he works very hard to divide us, in all sorts of creative manners.

I still remember when being a teenager, how divided we were already back then. It was boys vs girls, locals vs immigrants, Catholics vs Protestants, athletic students vs geeks, rich vs poor,  and followers of different brands, sports teams, singers, bands, or actors against each other. How ridiculous is that?!

Over the past 40-45 years, the divisions got even worse. It’s all part and parcel of the Frankfurt School’s “Cultural Marxism”, a plan to destroy societies from within by turning all its segments against each other, following the blueprint of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

I’m well aware that the Protocols are supposed to be a “conspiracy”. Yes, it is. It’s a conspiracy, not a theory. It’s the same as with the “blood libel”. It doesn’t matter how many times the enemy and its minions call the Protocols and ritual human sacrifice, for that matter, a libellous conspiracy theory, once it’s proven beyond any reasonable doubt, it’s a fact, whether you like it or not.

We are divided in so many ways. We are divided by religion, ethnicity, nationality, politics, gender, sexual orientation, even age, and how we think about particular topics climate, vaccination, immigration, race, food, faith and a long list of conspiracy theories.

As far as conspiracy theories are concerned, they only seem to be ridiculous and a symptom of mental defects if the political opponent voices them, whereas if the own side voices them they are perfectly fine, in fact, a sign of intelligence and robust mental health.

Now to the question in the title of this article. Can we afford to trust Trump? Can we afford not to? What do we have to win? What do we have to lose?

Now let’s assume, for a moment, that Trump is – as the growing community of QAnon followers claims – a good guy put in power by a coalition of patriots inside the US military and secret services. I guess we will know for sure once the 140,000 sealed indictments get unsealed and the deep state rats rounded up, shipped off to places like Guantanomo Bay, tried in military courts and executed. Until this happens, it remains a heap of faith.

What if Trump is indeed such a good guy? What difference does it make whether or not we support him? I don’t think it makes much of a difference for the outcome of this epic war between “White hats” and “swamp”. The two differences it makes is how we feel about the Trump administration and how we vote in November if we are US citizens. If Trump is a good guy, we better make sure he gets as many votes as possible to counter “Liberal” cheating.

However, what if it’s the other way round. What if Trump works for the New World Order and it’s all just a ruse to overcome any remaining resistance amongst patriots and conservatives? In that case, what difference does it make whether or not we support Trump? Honestly, I don’t think the Liberals and establishment media need – leave alone deserve - any help fighting Trump. If Trump was a bad guy, all we can do is prepare for what’s coming, because it will come either way, in red or blue.

In other words, regardless, whether Trump is a good guy or not, we still should support him against the “Liberals”. We can only win, if he's a good guy, but are less likely to do so if we don't support him. If he is bad guy, we will lose regardless, whether we oppose him or not. If we support him, we have nothing to lose, only a chance to win, in case the QAnon followers are right about him. Either way, be prepared.

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