Coronavirus - The Globalists’ Desperate Final Card

Category: Rebel of Oz
Date: 4 February 2020
Author: Rebel of Oz

The Globalists know that it’s game over. They tried very hard to make Trump give up by insulting, humiliating and frustrating him every single step he takes, and turn every day of his presidency into living hell. He didn’t care and marched on.

They tried to scare him by threatening his life and the life of his loved ones. He knew that when he walked down those stairs and announced that he was running for US presidency “to drain the swamp” how dangerous it was, not just for him. He took all the necessary precautions. Every time the Globalists made an attempt on his life, he did not blink and just marched on.



Two years ago, they tried cheating their way back into power by taking over House and Senate. They failed. Yes, they took the house, unfortunately, thanks to funny counting, but that was no use because it’s the Senate that makes all the important decisions such as appointing judges and has the final say on impeachments. Trump knew what he was doing when he focused all his efforts on holding the Senate.

They tried bringing in illegal voters by the tens of millions. Trump stopped the flood by building a wall and forcing the Mexican government to do its job.

They tried destroying the economy by increasing interest. Trump countered by threatening with the abolition of the Federal Reserve. That’s the last thing the Globalist want, the world’s biggest economy to get rid of its privately-owned central bank. There is no other country strong enough to bomb America back into the stoneage for nationalising its central bank, so the Globalists had to cave in and let Trump have his great economy, at least for now.

They tried creating mass unemployment by dumping cheap Chinese products on the American market. Trump stopped the flood with massive tariffs to force the Chinese to agree to a fairer deal.

They tried creating hyperinflation by bumping up oil prices. In response, Trump’s made America independent of oil imports by helping American firms produce petroleum locally.

They tried to start a war with North Korea, Iran or any other country crazy enough to provoke the most powerful nation on earth, but Trump did not take the bait.

They tried framing him as a Russian agent. After two years of not getting anywhere, they had to admit that they had no proof for their silly malicious conspiracy theory. Then they tried to impeach him but couldn’t find any good reason other than they don’t like his style. It didn’t matter anyhow, because they didn’t have the numbers in the Senate, but hey, at least they tried.

Once they knew that impeachment was not working, they decided to play their final card, that is engineering a war between China and the USA. The way they went about is by killing – as per usual – two birds with one stone. They spread a man-made virus that only kills Chinese males to blame it on Trump. Why only men? Maybe they are running out of sex slaves now that the border to Mexico is closed.

Whom are the Chinese supposed to suspect as the culprit? Donald Trump, of course. After all, isn’t he trying to destroy the Chinese economy? He is not. He only wants a fair deal for his own country. He is a tough negotiator, but he doesn’t play dirty.

However, I do not doubt that the Globalists have people within the Chinese establishment that will push for retaliation for the supposed American aggression. They want to escalate things to a level where war becomes unavoidable, a bit like how they started World War I and II. That plan will fail, though.

The reason why it will fail is that America is too strong. What is more, too many Chinese people are aware of the world’s biggest problem, the Globalists. They know it’s humanity’s last chance. The Chinese know it. The Russians know it. The Europeans know it. The Americans know it. The whole world knows it. We all know that if we do not work together NOW to extricate the Globalists, not sometime in the future, there will be no future, except for the 0.1% and their sex slaves. These people are sick, criminally insane, demons in human shape. They need to be put down like mad dogs, now or never.

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