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Category: Rebel of Oz
Date: 24 March 2018
Author: Rebel of Oz

Trump voters are livid with rage, not very surprisingly. Alex Jones, great patriot that he is, had one of his trademark hissy fits on camera, not the first time I might add, a total temper tantrum melt down. I know I'm not the best person to judge people's body language, but I think either he was depressed or his anger was fake. It lacked the usual "red bull" energy. Have a look for yourself.


You want to kill kosher nostra octopus you must suck kosher d*** till you have chopped of his legs and testicles.

Sun Tzu, Military Strategist

Fake or not, one thing is for sure. #Libtards and #DeepStateSewerRats must be super happy. So must be our very, very special master race in Satan's chosen land, Israel. Great! Perfect! Well done, Mr. President. I mean it. That's exactly where we want them to be happy and complacent, at least for now.

First Trump appointed John Bolton, the biggest war monger amongst all the neocons working for George W. Bush. That man has contributed decisively to the death of over a million Iraqis, mostly civilians, and the death of over one hundred thousand American troops. Forget about the official figures of a "mere" 32,000. The majority of casualties were flown out of Iraq to a hospital in Bahrain, before being declared dead. Thats the way they counted casualties in Iraq. Very creative. Not very honest. That's how Satan's little helpers operate. My maths teacher always reminded my cohort not to trust any stats we haven't forged ourself. You could say the same about reports, but let's stay focused.


So Bolton is going to be Donald Trump's latest national security adviser? I don't think so! There is no way he will get passed the congressional hearings. But at least, nominating him helped smoothe the way to get the spending bill passed, over a trillion dollars. But hold, you say, that money goes to help murder babies by the millions in their mothers' wombs. Don't hold your breath.

Barry Soetoro has invented this shopping spray game. Year after year, he did the same. He negotiated one of those "omnibus" spending bills to fill his wallet. They were filled to the rim with pork for libtards and rhinos. But guess who then actually decided what the money was actually spent for? Michael and Barry did, respectively their SES handlers. Why wouldn't Trump do exactly the same?


500 million for the baby slayers? Sure, why not?! That's a couple of months of military wages. A couple of months to get all the "white hats" in strategicall important positions and the #DeepStateSewerRats and their reptilian masters neutralised, whatever is needed.

Personally, I think these people have proven to be so dangerous, that simply neutering and locking them up in high-security facilities for the criminally insane is probably not safe enough. We can't risk it. They must be pest-controlled in a manner that they - and their descendants - cannot possibly ever again pose a danger to humanity.



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