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Date: 22 March 2018
Author: Rebel of Oz

Most people, when talking about the deep state, are not very clear at all about what they are actually dealing with. They are still stuck at the entrance of the rabbit hole and got so horrified by what they saw that they did not dare to go any further. I suspect that this even the case with pretty awake people like Sean Hannity.

They confuse the deep state with shadow government. The latter is also known as the “Senior Executive Service” (SES), which obviously sounds far more palatable than shadow government. The SES consists out of around 9000 staff members, 8000 of which were appointed by the former president.

Those guys have a starting base salary (!) equal to the full salary of the Vice President of the United States,[1] Starting base salary!!! On top of that are “performance” based bonuses and raises. Worst of all, they cannot be fired and are not accountable to anyone in the government department they are seconded to, such as Justice, State or Defense.  They are supposed to be some kind of “impartial” watchdog overseeing the administration. Watchdog on whose behalf? You guessed it. The deep state. The term “mole” would be far more accurate.

Whenever someone gets paid way above normal, you can bet your last dime that there is a rat buried somewhere. Take doctors or SAP developers, for example. Not everybody gets paid that much for long studies or working hours. Their lush packages are silence money. It’s about ensuring they won’t rock the boat.

So what dirty secrets does the SES have to hide? It’s not that it is some kind of unelected shadow government, but the fact that it is the interface between government and the very discrete deep state. In other words, those SES people are mere deep state minions. On Twitter, I refer to them as #DeepStateSewerRats. Their job is to shield the deep state puppet masters from unwanted scrutiny. It’s no wonder that the creation of the SES coincided with the advent of the Internet. The real deep state is the world government. It owns everything worth owning and controls everything else.

I usually refer to them as the “Dirty Dozen”. Creeps like the Clintons, Soros, Obamas, and Bill Gates are no way near as rich as them. They are fully aware that their wealth depends on their usefulness to their owners.

The “Dirty Dozen” are in a league of their own. They are not billionaires, they are multi-trillionaires. Their bloodlines go all the wack back to the temple guards (“Cohens”) of the Jerusalem Temple. When that temple was sacked in 70 AD by the Romans, the Templars managed to escape with was back then the biggest gold treasure known the man. They took refuge in places like Malta, Northern Italy and Switzerland and swiftly put all that gold to work to take revenge. They bribed and financed Hun and Germanic tribes to destroy the Roman Empire. Over the centuries they interbred with the Germanic elite that they had put into power to rule over what was left from the Roman Empire.

There are many lists of those bloodlines around, most notably that of the classic book “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” written by NWO researcher Fritz Springmeier, first published in 2005. [2]

  1. Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)
  2. Bruce
  3. Cavendish (Kennedy)
  4. De Medici
  5. Hannover
  6. Habsburg
  7. Krupp
  8. Plantagenet
  9. Rockefeller
  10. Romanov
  11. Sinclair (St. Clair)
  12. Warburg (del Banco)
  13. Windsor (Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha)
  14. Astor
  15. The Merovingian Bloodline (European Royals)
  16. Du Pont
  17. Onassis

Reptilians or not, these folks are so rich and full of themselves that they play in a very elusive league of their own. That doesn’t stop them though from sleeping around with us normal humans and impregnate our women. That’s how you get the likes of the Clintons, both supposedly illegitimate children of David Rockefeller. That would explain why a die-hard men-hating ultra-feminist like Hillary Clinton got married to a compulsive womaniser and paedophile like her half-brother Bill Clinton and didn’t divorce him till his “orgy island” antics became common knowledge and threatened to derail her presidential candidacy.

They both needed a spouse to become more appealing to gullible American voters. Getting married to a crypto-sibling made the whole scam even more appealing to these Luciferians. Barry Soetoro, of course, is the son of Michael Rockefeller, making him a cousin of both Clintons. No wonder they get along like a house on fire. The ruling scum, how I often call them, likes to employ the services of half-blood reptilians like Soetoro and the Clintons. They trust them more because they lack, just like them, a feature that sets humans apart from these people, empathy. They are psychopaths by design.

To the deep staters, the wealth of the richest list of Forbes magazine is just loose change. While to you and me, they might seem very rich, however, compared to the trillions the likes of Rothschilds and the Sachsen-Anhalts have amassed over the millennia that is just a tip. Those deep state minions are their slaves, just like us. They think they are so much better than us field slaves, because of their privileged house slave living conditions. Fair enough, they get to wear nicer clothes, eat better food, live in nicer homes than the rest of us. However, if they stop making themselves useful to their owners, stop taking orders or otherwise piss them off, they get quickly stripped of their privileged lifestyle and flushed down the toilet of history. Just look at what happened to Adolf Hitler.

Some people claim that Adolf Hitler’s dad was the illegitimate son of the Austrian Rothschild. His grandmother supposedly worked there as a maid but got fired after getting pregnant. Who knows who the father was? I don’t really care.

Yes, Hitler got supported by important players in the “ruling elite”, including the Krupps and Sachsen-Anhalts. But that was no different from places like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Croatia. The Old World Order was scared of the Judeo-Bolshevik threat, also known as New World Order. They created Fascist movements all over the world, most notably in Europe which was threatened the most by Stalin’s ambitions. The mission of Fascism was to counter and hopefully destroy the New World Order.

Hitler’s stunning success in Germany, turning things around in record time, however, with his very personal and very German flavour of Fascism, got them scared. It was so attractive that people all over the world were yearning to emulate his societal model, threatening both New and Old World Order. When Hitler stopped taking orders from his former sponsors, the New World Order put his differences with Communism aside and joined forces with Stalin to crush Germany. Once that was achieved, hostilities between Old and New World Order resumed in the form of the Cold War.

I’m not saying the Old World Order is anti-Semitic. Given their Jewish roots, they are quite Jew-friendly. What is more, over the centuries they have increasingly used Jews as a tool for oppressing their serfs. Given their tendency to show no empathy towards anyone non-Jewish, and their inborn propensity to cheat and deceive, enslave and prostitute, they made themselves extremely useful to the Old World Order. However, when their Jewish minions tried to take over with the Illuminati New World Order conspiracy, the Old World Order had to pull the plug.

Quite frankly, I see this happening all over again in the United States. While some people regard the conflict between the people behind Donald Trump and the globalists as a conflict between corporates and military, which is another way of saying a conflict between Jews and Goyim, I perceive it as yet another round between Old and New World Order. Here, indeed, I can see collusion between Trump and Putin. They are fighting the same enemy, the New World Order. In fact, Trump is doing, more or less, what Putin did in Russia fifteen years ago, with allowances for local differences, of course.

The reason why I believe that Donald Trump – like Putin - is not just anti-NWO but pro-OWO is his strong support for military, Christian faith and family values, which is all good in my books, but their adherence to the law-enforced mainstream narrative of Wolrd War II is a big fat red flag. If Trump and Putin were truly red pilled, they would know better, however they both keep flogging the dead horse of  “evil Nazis” and the horrible things they supposedly did to the Jews, plus they keep suggesting that Germany was responsible for World War II, which couldn't be further from the truth.

I do support Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin because the enemy of my enemy is my friend and has my back, but as long as they keep up their insulting Nazi bashing I don’t fully trust them. It’s not like the OWO was treating its subjects much better than Communist dictators. To me, both sides very much resemble two competing mafia clans who cannot agree on how to share the market between them because they are both too greedy. Germany’s honour and reputation must be restored, damages suffered repaired. A good start would be a return to the borders of 1914 and a refund of all reparations forced upon Germany ever since, in today’s money of course.

[1] The salary of the US Vice President was US$230,700 in 2015.

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