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Date: 22 March 2018
Author: Rebel of Oz

In today’s motivational message number 960 on, red pill cheer leader Qanon posted – amongst other things – a link to an interesting video. It is a recording of yesterday’s episode of the satirical comedy show “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper” in which Kepper was taking the piss out of who else but the POTUS. He who pays the piper calls the tune. Who was it again, owns over 90% of the world’s media? Jew know who!

Jordan Klepper went on and on about Donald Trump making noises about introducing the death penalty for bad arse drug dealers. Klepper seemed to be the most disturbed by Donald Trump’s praise for the Philippine's "firebrand" President Rodrigo Duterte.


At first sight, it might seem like a misguided approach to tackle the out-of-control narcotics epidemic. After all, high-quality hardcore drugs, such as opium and cocaine can be  purchased more easily, anywhere in the world, even in the remotest villages, than a decent second-hand car. This is even the case in countries such as Malaysia and Singapore who do have the death penalty for drug trafficking. So why even bother?!

I always tease federal coppers I meet, not that there are many, by asking them why it's possible that - after decades of prohibition - they still cannot work out who is selling the drugs. After all, those coppers are very fit, very smart, very well paid and well resourced in every possible manner, and yet they cannot catch them. So how come those crackpots who buy and consume the drugs know how to buy them. That doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?!

The problem is that over 95% of illegal drugs are produced, distributed and sold by the “deep state”. It is a worldwide taxpayer-funded, law-enforced monopoly, the biggest and most profitable industry in the world. It is so profitable, that in the United States alone, the annual dividends from the deep state’s investment of its drug trafficking profits in technology, media and pharmaceutical companies are higher than the entire US federal household, over 8 trillion US dollars. That’s 8 million times 1 million dollars, every year, on top of their on-going profits from their booming drug trafficking business.

In other words, if Donald Trump no longer wanted to pork barrel Democrats for passing his bills or financing his Great Wall of Mexico, or if he wanted to abolish income tax, making him the most popular U.S. President ever, he could. All he would have to do is bring the off-ledger “deep state” revenue where they belong, on the books, into the federal household.

Now back to the futility of introducing the death penalty for the worst producers, importers and distributors of illegal drugs. Donald Trump is not stupid. He is extremely well informed and street-wise. He knows all too well that threatening drug dealers with the death penalty – on its own - won’t get rid of the problem.

The whole purpose of going after drug dealers is to cut off the income stream for the deep state from its narcotics business. Those guys have more money at their disposal than the entire federal household of the United States. While you might think that this won’t matter since they are making already so much money from their drug trade profit investments, but that’s not exactly true.

The deep state has expenses too, not just income. Running a worldwide sex trafficking operation and paedophile network to recruit and keep their mad minions happy, is not cheap. Politicians and journalists need to be bribed, black ops funded. None of that comes cheap, the dirtier the pricier. What is more, they also need to keep subsiding their massive “Big Brother Inc” operations. The likes of Google and Facebook wouldn’t be able to stay in business for even a quarter without massive, under the table subsidies by the deep state. You cut of the illegal drug income, the deep state will implode like a French souffle. That’s why Afghanistan had to be invaded as soon as the Taliban put an end to opium-production in an industrial dispute with the deep state over their share of the revenue.

Now, you might be wondering why the death penalty for drug trafficking would be more successful in the US than elsewhere. The difference is that Donald Trump is simultaneously clamping down on the rogue “shadow government” deep state minions in the US administration. They will find it harder and harder to keep shielding their field staff producing, distributing and selling illegal drugs on the streets. They will no longer be able to protect operatives like Pablo Escobar, Barry Seal and Roger Reaves from White Hats in drug enforcement.

Last but not least, I would like to point out that there are two sides to any vice, supply and demand. Cutting off supply is not sufficient. You also must deal with the roots of demand. So please, Mr President, please address the reasons that lead people to ruining their health, families, finances and life with narcotics. If you don’t, all you will achieve is making drugs less affordable- by reducing supply - and thus increase drug related crimes.


On a positive note, this inspiring and VERY controversial song above by German main-stream comedian Lisa Fitz pressed all the right buttons in the Grovel Republic of Occupied Germany.

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