@davidsirota David Sirota

Bernie Sanders is pushing to protect Amazon workers and make sure everyone has health care.

The newspaper owned by Amazon's CEO responds by publishing @JRubinBlogger's screed calling Bernie "selfish." pic.twitter.com/dW3EXEnk4O

@briebriejoy Briahna Joy Gray

This is a good start, but is it ok to die from cancer or diabetes becuase you’re poor? https://t.co/3emqCgcfC9

@kenklippenstein Ken Klippenstein

remember Pete Buttigieg?

@kenklippenstein Ken Klippenberg

remember Pete Buttigieg?

@anthonyvclark20 Anthony Clark in the Struggle

Biden: “I think we have had enough debates.”

Us: “We think we have had enough rapes.”

@NathanJRobinson Nathan J Robinson

Listen to the audio of one of Joe Biden's former staff assistants describing how he sexually assaulted her, in this interview with @kthalps. It is so disturbing.

If Democrats have ANY consistency in taking women's allegations seriously, they need to treat this as a major story. https://t.co/V7lVMyyK3l

@kthalps Katie Halper

This is a story that @ReadeAlexandra has been trying to tell since it happened in 1993. It's a story about sexual assault, retaliation and silencing. #meToo https://t.co/yHz3iFi9a5

@pblest Paul Blest

Once social distancing gets to the point where it becomes "a thing the libs do" or virtue signaling or whatever you want to call it, we're totally fucked https://t.co/QTt2qrJKhF

@BLACKMESSlAH No, It's Just Kenny.

Democrats losing this election would be several times more embarrassing than losing in 2016



@DeckardIx DeckardIX

@Rational_Sargon Youtube is fucking you because you slaughtered that dumb diverse bitch in court, they don't like that.

Make the bitch pay more.

@jackimas141 Jackimas

Good to see that the SJW movement was dealt a severe blow by @Rational_Sargon successfully defending the right to criticise in court. I wish him every luck with his counter claim for legal fee's. It's the right thing to do.

@beatthesystem1 step

Recommend 'A Democrat Attends A Trump Rally' 'It's always good to step out of your echo chamber for a while.' by #AkkadDaily Sargon of Akkad @Rational_Sargonhttps://t.co/vRni7g0161

@BernieSanders Bernie Sanders

Don't tell @realDonaldTrump this because he'll get very nervous—we're going to beat him in Texas.

@cmclymer Charlotte Clymer?️‍?

"Pete, you're acting like Donald Trump is the cause of all our problems, and he's not."

-- Andrew Yang#DemDebate

@People4Bernie People for Bernie

BREAKING: Bernie 2020 releases updated internal #IowaCaucus totals with 60% reporting:
Sanders 29.4%
Buttigieg 24.87%
Warren: 20.65%
Biden: 12.92%
Klobuchar: 11.18%

(video via @Juliess31)pic.twitter.com/IDFol1uzCN

@willmenaker Will?‍♂️Menaker

What have we been saying? pic.twitter.com/hC2u7s1fgx

@benshapiro Ben Shapiro

Don't think of it as the Democratic Party stealing the election from Bernie. Think of it as vote redistribution.

@virgiltexas Virgil Texas

#PrayforRush i did, and it worked

@marwilliamson Marianne Williamson

Dear Iowans, I hope you vote your heart tomorrow. Don’t try to calculate who you think is electable; there’s simply no way to know. Caucus for the person whose name is on your heart. Also, thanks to those of you who were going to caucus for me. It was such a privilege & an honor.