Hannity: The left's solution to violence and lawlessness? Abolish the police


Graham on stunning revelations from Rod Rosenstein's testimony


Fox News talks to NYPD chief on the ground amid arrests


ox News talks to NYPD chief on the ground amid arrests


Hannity: Will our leaders seek justice for victims of mob violence?

A local business owner delivered a passioned plea to looters nationwide this week; saying Black Lives Matter rioters are “lying,” they simply “needed money.”
The Medical Journal ‘The Lancet’ has reportedly retracted a controversial study that found the medication Hydroxychloroquine “dangerous” for patients suffering from the Coronavirus.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was left totally embarrassed after a speech at a George Floyd Memorial Service Thursday, with the crowd booing the Big Apple
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was brutally heckled during a speaking event Thursday; leaving the host begging for the crowd to show some “respect” and the
Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Press Secretary Brian Fallon faced a growing backlash Thursday after suggesting the United States ‘Defund the Police’ after days of widespread violence in every major
Attorney General Bill Barr told reporters Thursday the Department of Justice now has evidence the Antifa movement is attempting to “hijack” the George Floyd protests to promote their

TRUE COLORS: Former Hillary Press Secretary Says America Must ‘Defund the Police’

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Press Secretary Brian Fallon weighed-in Wednesday night on the civil unrest sweeping the country; saying the United States must “defund the police.”
Senator Lindsey Graham stopped-by ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night to discuss Rod Rosenstein’s explosive testimony before Congress; saying “this is the first step in a journey that will end in
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti confirmed Thursday that his administration will allocate $250 million from the budget to be used on “jobs, health, education, and healing “ within

HANNITY: Will Our Leaders Seek Justice for the Victims of Mob Violence, Looting, Riots?

Sean Hannity weighed-in Wednesday night on the ongoing civil unrest sweeping the United States; asking if our leaders will seek justice for the victims of mob violence taking
The New York Times baffled readers across the country Thursday; publishing a bizarre story that blames “the corrosive effects of tear gas” for any potential Coronavirus spike following
Two members of the NYPD were shot in Brooklyn overnight Monday and another officer stabbed in the neck as protesters defied an 8pm curfew imposed by beleaguered Mayor

REPORT: Antifa Plotted ‘Anti-Government Insurgency’ As Early as November 2019

Far-left radicals and members of ‘Antifa’ reportedly planned widespread ‘anti-government insurgencies’ as early as November 2019; planning to promote chaos heading into the 2020 presidential election.
Explosive undercover footage from Project Veritas is now exposing the vicious, brutal tactics employed by ‘Antifa’ to intimidate, injure, and harass members of Law Enforcement and others to