HUSSEIN, a Cult 93 Priest

Are you enjoying the show? Did you detect in the comms where the Maestro validated my last article on Cult 93 that I gave you for Christmas?

Trump vs Cult 93: The Secret War that Trump is Winning - PART 4: Dark to Light

Did the Bush and HUSSEIN’s nude body scanners work and contribute to our safety. No. It’s right here.

Trump vs Cult 93: The Secret War that Trump is Winning - PART 3: The Explosive Truth About 9/11

From the Family Y sequence, we can identify through corresponding Jewish or Simple Gematria values the 2 phase Luciferian plan leading to the total control of the planet and the implementation of the Beast System. This plan is summarized in what I call the Luciferian Grid. The Maestro provided clues in his comms and in the news to confirm the grid and to detect the countermoves he made to neutralize the Luciferian strategy before it could get to Phase

Trump vs Cult 93: The Secret War that Trump is Winning - PART 2: Know the Cult

Cult 93 spread its tentacles everywhere. Most of the people you see on TV are part of the cult. They own the Fake News. They own H-Wood. They own the Swamp. Here is how they gained all the power they have using the C_A Hugh Heffner mode

Trump vs Cult 93: The Secret War that Trump is Winning - PART 1: Spot the Number

Question: what do you do regarding impeachment when you are C_A and represent in Congress a district where the Maestro is extremely popular?

Iran, Bolton and the Lindsey Riddle

A good advice if you like politics? Never miss a Lindsey Graham interview.

Trump, Omarosa and page 322

This is something I would like to share with you, real quick. So I was in my kitchen, I’ve just made myself some Peruvian coffee to start the day and I was going through the Fake News channels to know what to not focus on that day and I saw this...

Stolen plane in Seattle: Q gave them 61 days, then all hell broke loose.

A 29 year old Horizon Air ground service agent named Richard « Beebo » Russell, steals a Bombardier Q400 turboprops from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Only equipped with a flying experience he said to have gathered from video games, he manages to turn on the aircraft and takes off at 7:32PM for the ride of his life.
I know I am just an anonymous poster on reddit, I know I am nobody but I would first like to express my sincere condolences to the family of US Secret Service Agent Nole Edward Remagen who died while protecting the President of the United States in Scotland. His sacrifice to our Country will always be remembered, honored and dignified

The 3 times the Deep State tried to assassinate Trump.

Did you know Q told us the Deep State tried 3 times to assassinate Trump? Today, I will walk you through these 3 attempts recorded in Q board.