15 Awesome Things I Saw At The Massive U.S. Gun Show Only Insiders Can Attend

Two days surrounded by guns, ammunition, Navy SEALs, military dogs, tactical gear, camouflage, and American flags restored my faith in America.

Why Jeff Bezos’s Claim That Saudi Arabia Hacked His Phone Is Ridiculous

Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s most powerful and richest men, is levelling severe allegations against the Saudis, and once again, he has nothing to show for them.

6 Democratic Senators To Watch In Impeachment Trial

The media keep suggesting it's Republicans who might switch sides, but here are some Democrats who might not want to side with Adam Schiff's weak impeachment effort.

Did Saving Sex For Marriage Help Propel Tim Tebow’s Success?

Tebow, famous athlete and virgin, understood he wouldn't find fulfillment in casual sex. Funny Twitter memes aside, young men can learn from his example.
As a songwriter and storyteller, theologian and educator, family man and public figure, Fred Rogers should be known for much more than wearing a red cardigan.

True-Life Drama With A-List Cast Honors Heroes Who Gave ‘The Last Full Measure’

In "Last Full Measure," top Marvel actors Sebastian Stan and Samuel L. Jackson lead a star-studded cast in a Vietnam War drama that spotlights how much military families give their nation.

Why Conflict With Iran Over Iraq Can’t End Until America Withdraws

Instead of playing politics, Washington must realize that risking the lives of American forces in a gamble to reduce Iranian influence in Iraq isn’t worth it and may be self-defeating.

A Closer Look At The Iraqi Immigrant Woman Challenging Rep. Ilhan Omar

Baghdad-born Dalia al-Aqidi says Rep. Illhan Omar 'supports Islamists and enemies of America and Israel, and there are no exceptions.'

Americans Need To Stop Hurrying Young People Into Student Debt Slavery

Above all, we must give high schoolers personalized post-secondary educational recommendations before they get caught in the quagmire of student debt.

‘Yes, Minister’ Shows The Foibles Of The Deep State

In illustrating examples of bureaucratic connivance and mismanagement, 'Yes Minister' provided generations of viewers much enjoyment and a subtle way of holding government to account.

As The Impeachment Trial Begins, Democrats Are Losing Their Minds

Having realized their impeachment gambit is failing, Democrats have resorted to accusing Sen. Mitch McConnell of a coverup and calling the trial 'rigged.'

Why I Love Bernie But Wouldn’t Vote For Him In 2020

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ about-turn on illegal immigration is his Achilles heel, plus some of his followers scare the wits out of me.

Supreme Court To Decide If Atheism Can Keep Its Monopoly On K-12 Schools

Today the Supreme Court hears a case that could undo a century of decisions that have attacked and undermined religious beliefs by secularizing public education.

CMT Just Pledged To Play Male And Female Artists The Same, But Will It Matter?

Country music should amplify the voices of 'flyover state' women, often women of faith, who lack proper representation in media and popular culture.

Bloomberg’s Plan For Black Americans Doubles Down On The Left’s Failures

Michael Bloomberg's new plan is a perfect example of the failure of center-left policy concoctions meant to help black Americans, invariably cooked up by rich liberals.

New York Times Endorsement Of Warren And Klobuchar Reeks Of Ignorant Pomposity

The entire endorsement is a play for the 'we’re all winners' generation. To prioritize one candidate would require courage, which cannot be expected from the newspaper that pushes the ahistorical '1619 Project' for clicks.

Chinese Ambassador Attempts To Bully Sweden Into Ignoring Human Rights Abuses

Sweden has learned Beijing will not hesitate to use its might to coerce its will onto others, but Chinese diplomats' belligerent behaviors should be a wake-up call to countries all around the world.

‘One Child Nation’ Condemns Abortion Even If Its Director Thinks Otherwise

Nanfu Wang’s opinion notwithstanding, ‘One Child Nation’s’ central message is not a celebration of autonomy. Rather, it is an exposé of evils of abortion.

What I Saw At The Richmond Second Amendment Rally

A large group of people assembled peaceably to air their grievances and to state that, unless something changes, our consent to be governed is being revoked.

Impeachment Has Become A Dangerous New Normal

For 187 years, the United States had only one president face impeachment. Since 1974, three have. This is a disturbing and dangerous trajectory.