How Capitalists Enrich Themselves By Co-Opting Social Justice Movements

From the Black Lives Matter movement to Pride month, Corporate America is enriching itself through the appropriation of anti-capitalist cultural leftism.

Rioters Don’t Want Criminal Justice Reform — They Want A Revolution

The white privilege on display here is on the left, where radical whites play at revolution, often to the detriment of poor minorities.

While Defending Rioters, The Media Ignores Slain Black Police Officers

Violence directed at cops is being ignored, and innocent victims aren't having their stories told when it won't fit the media's narrative. It has to end.

The End Of The Trump Presidency? Not A Chance

Never Trumpers are rejoicing that fresh on the heels of COVID, the current riots and unrest will spell the end of the Trump administration. Are they right?

Trump’s China Speech Marks A Historic Departure From Establishment Status Quo

Trump confronted communist China, targeted its grand strategy, and put on notice its backers — for the betterment of America and other freedom-lovers.

In The Death Of George Floyd, Perception Is Reality

In the court of public opinion, perception decides whether an officer has exercised his powers prudently. The tragic death of George Floyd is no exception.

Public Health Experts Just Exposed An Infuriating And Dangerous Double Standard

Coming from the experts behind a shutdown that hit the black community especially hard, this is insulting and ludicrous.

Tom Cotton Forced The New York Times To Reveal Its Intellectual Bankruptcy

Sometime in the last decade, when these narrow-minded leftists hit critical mass inside and outside academia, their abstract argument that anti-progressive speech is tantamount to bigotry and violence became an unstoppable force.
When it comes to human rights and race relations, Beijing has no moral authority to criticize and condemn the United States.

The Left’s Normalization Of Collective Guilt Is Ripping America Apart

All decent Americans stand against racism. But if we’re to live as brothers, we must stop indicting all those who share a skin tone for the sins of others.

As Cities Burn, Will Trump Invoke The Insurrection Act? Should He?

The president hinting at the use of federal troops under the Insurrection Act set off a chorus of howls. But do detractors have a valid complaint?

80 Years Ago, The Miracle At Dunkirk Gave Hope To The Free World

In the dark days of WWII, heroic sacrifice, the leadership of Winston Churchill, and good fortune ensured the survival of the Allied resistance to Hitler.

The Struggle Sessions Are Here, And They’re Not Going Away

The left’s multi-decade project to teach everyone that America is irredeemably racist has led to the emergence of a new regime in American life.

Bill De Blasio Is A Cowardly Tyrant Fueling New York’s Demise

In Bill de Blasio’s world, during a pandemic, rioters have a right to non-peaceable assembly, but law-abiding religious believers have no right to meet peacefully.

Lance Armstrong’s Latent And Persistent Flaws Are On Full Display In New ESPN Documentary

Try as he might, Armstrong can’t dissociate himself from his stratospheric rise to make his fall seem less dramatic and his deception less extreme.

10 Things To Consider If You Are Thinking About Homeschooling

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more parents are looking at homeschooling as a viable option. Here are the factors inquiring parents should consider.

Permanent Pro-Growth Tax Policy Is The Key To Economic Recovery

American businesses need a tax code that provides the certainty and stability required by entrepreneurs and job creators to keep the economy strong.
"Public display" doesn't sound as nefarious as "photo op." "Partially violent" doesn't sound as sympathetic as "peaceful." And "irritant" doesn't pack the powerful punch of "tear gas."

The Media Are Lying To You About Everything, Including The Riots

The media lied about the Russia collusion hoax, about the Mueller probe, about impeachment, about the coronavirus—and now they’re lying about the riots.

The Nation Has Gone Mad

Eight days of nationwide anarchy in the midst of a public health pandemic have fully exposed the lunacy of our new obsessively woke era.