Candidates weighing using private jets to get to Iowa

Several senators running for president are reportedly mulling using private jets to campaign in Iowa as they try to balance their White House bids with the ongoing impeachment trial in

Tennessee governor signs bill allowing state adoption agencies to reject gay couples

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) on Friday signed a measure that allows adoption agencies to refuse to place children with same-sex parents, drawing backlash from gay-rights advocates.

Megyn Kelly, Bill Maher agree on 'Real Time': 'The media's so messed up right now'

HBO's and former Fox News and NBC host Megyn Kelly agreed that the news media is "completely

Biden nabs endorsement from Iowa Democrat in swing district

Rep. Cynthia Axne (D-Iowa) is backing 's White House bid, giving the former vice president a sought-after endorsement and becoming the second member of Iowa's congressional delegation to back

Poll: Sanders opens up lead in Iowa

Sen. (I-Vt.) has opened up a 7-point lead in Iowa, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll released Saturday, a strong showing in a volatile primary battle just over

Impeachment trial to enter new phase with Trump defense

's lawyers launch their defense Saturday after three long days of House Democratic impeachment managers laying out arguments that the president abused his power in his dealings with

What to watch on Day 5 of Trump's impeachment trial

’s legal team gets its first crack at defending the president Saturday in a truncated Senate session before a more fulsome presentation on Monday.

Jeffries, Nadler showcase different NY styles in Trump trial

Call it their good cop-bad cop schtick.
and , two New York City Democrats serving as House prosecutors in the Senate impeachment trial, have very different styles

Trump says his advice to impeachment defense team is 'just be honest'

on Friday said he would advise his defense team in the Senate impeachment trial to "just be honest" ahead of its first day of arguments.

CNN's Axelrod says impeachment didn't come up until 80 minutes into focus group

Former Obama chief strategist said he attended a focus group with Democratic voters in Chicago on Friday, describing the gathering as "chilling" because impeachment "didn't come up" until more

Schiff says Justice Roberts should rule on witnesses

Rep. (D-Calif.) said Friday night that Chief Justice John Roberts should be called upon to resolve disputes over witnesses for the impeachment trial of .

Schiff sparks blowback with head on a 'pike' line

House Intelligence Committee Chairman (D-Calif.) is sparking immediate, bipartisan backlash after he referenced a CBS News report saying Republican

Schiff closes Democrats' impeachment arguments with emotional appeal to remove Trump

House Democrats leading the impeachment trial of wrapped up their opening arguments Friday night with an

Schiff closes Dems' impeachment arguments with emotional appeal to remove Trump

House Democrats leading the impeachment trial of wrapped up their opening arguments Friday night with an

Parnas says he has turned over tape of Trump calling for diplomat's firing

Lev Parnas, an associate of who is at the center of Congress’ impeachment proceedings, said Friday

Sanders to Clinton: 'This is not the kind of rhetoric that we need'

Sen. (I-Vt.) responded further to former Secretary of State ’s comments that “no one likes” him, saying that the remark is not reflective of the kind of

WSJ: Prosecutors obtain evidence linking leaked Bezos texts to girlfriend's family member

Federal prosecutors have reportedly obtained evidence linking leaked text messages from Amazon founder to his girlfriend’s brother.

Democrats worry Trump team will cherry-pick withheld documents during defense

Democrats are sounding the alarm that ’s legal team may seek to selectively incorporate undisclosed documents as

Democrats feel political momentum swinging to them on impeachment

Senate Democratic Leader (N.Y.) is telling Democratic colleagues they are winning the impeachment battle after the first week of the ’s trial, a reflection that the opening

Human Rights Campaign president rips Sanders's embrace of Rogan endorsement

The president of the Human Rights Campaign criticized Sen. (I-Vt.) for embracing an endorsement by popular podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan.