No. They can never be trusted again. I’d rather have an accurate count of my actual compatriots than padding the numbers by embracing these moles and worms who can and will turn on us at any moment.

Not to mention that they are insufferable pricks. https://t.co/S8Yb44PIU9

Dark To Light: Beanz Flies Solo & Breaks Down The DNC Leak

Click Arrow to Listen Podcast and it is a jam packed episode indeed. She starts with some talk about the next week at CPAC and then dives right in to the 2020 election and what happened last week with Assange and Rohrbacher. Beanz weaves the tale of Comey’s intervention to stop an agreement between Assange […]

The Scriptural Myopia of Pete Buttigieg

By Daniel Bobinski Recently, Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was interviewed at a CNN townhall. As is the media’s custom with left-wing candidates, Buttigieg was being thrown softballs. Actually, it was more like a T-ball game, but you get the point. Buttigieg wasn’t being challenged. The interviewer, Erin Burnett, was laughing at Buttigieg’s jokes and playing […]

@Well_InformedWB Well Informed Whistleblower

I will get right to the point. Many of you read over the past few years how I reported about former DHS Secretary & Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia group of political friends. I called them the "Strong-arm" of the Democrat party which is true. I used to be a

@PainefulMemes Paineful Memes

A juxtaposition of how the Left perceived Trump's retweet of @Solmemes1 vs. how India perceived it. pic.twitter.com/2c1Ym9aRXt

@ScottPresler #ThePersistence

I called into C-SPAN & proclaimed my support for @realDonaldTrump.

I also made a plea to the black community to join us.

“Why are black men locked up for crime, but illegal immigrants are set free?” @BlackVoices4DJT pic.twitter.com/4cDQ4gin9J

@DuaneABentley Duane Allen❌

Today is my Aunt Odella birthday

Any chance I might get 100 birthday wishes for her!!

She is 100 pic.twitter.com/ZQk3klSvL2

@alexsalvinews Alex Salvi

NEW: Roger Stone has filed a motion to disqualify the judge in his case.

His lawyers allege her remarks about jurors at his sentencing suggest she is not impartial in regard to whether a juror improperly served on his case. pic.twitter.com/LHy6fRPeiq

@BrandonStraka Brandon Straka

🚨#WalkAway proudly announces the #WalkAway American Women’s Town Hall starring Special Guests: @LaraLeaTrump @JudgeJeanine @DiamondandSilk @KTHopkins @ShemekaMichelle
See tweet below for promo trailer and links to tickets‼️
Please retweet‼️ https://t.co/LbqdKvhdNH pic.twitter.com/8vJZnof1UC

@JimHansonDC Jim Hanson

Sure they can
Democrats will cheat you
Republicans will beat you https://t.co/ZnAIHGDT60

@AmeriCANaBearV2 CC?

Great job @tracybeanz @PoliticalOrgy and @DrKarlynB thank you for having this convo. This is what’s lacking in political discourse today. Very fun and hopeful conversation for the state of politics today. https://t.co/5JR4O8qwjt

Dark To Light: Dr. Karlyn Borysenko

Click Arrow to Listen Today is a really great show because we are joined by Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, an amazing woman who wrote a viral piece on her thoughts about the 2020 election after attending a Trump rally and is now a contributor to UncoverDC! We talk to her about her journey and experience and get […]

Tracy Beanz on KZIM with Faune Riggin: What You Don’t Know About the McCabe Story

Click HERE and scroll down till you see the photo of Tracy Beanz to find out what you don’t know about the McCabe story!   Faune Riggin 960 KZIM AM

Love in the Time of Corona

By Celia Farber Secret videos reveal how people are coping in Wuhan during the lockdown Start with the fact that this is a hermetically sealed society. Then look for information leaks from the streets of Wuhan and other quarantined cities through citizen journalist social media accounts. In China, citizen journalists take on a near sacred […]

@GalacticRedPill GalacticRedPill


@bhweingarten Benjamin Weingarten

ICYMI: @realDonaldTrump's pick of @RichardGrenell for Acting DNI is a victory for America First and a loss for the Deep State. That's why you're seeing many in the NatSec & fp establishment--along with their collusionista allies in the media--savaging RG https://t.co/Xncs0AFr8p

@StefanMolyneux Stefan Molyneux

Roger Stone is getting sentence almost TWICE AS LONG as Anthony "sexting to a minor" Weiner.

Let that sink in.

@Mediaite Mediaite

Bolton Rips House Impeachment as 'Grossly Partisan,' Claims His Testimony 'Would Have Made No Difference' in Trump's Senate Acquittalhttps://t.co/SmEeJLShov

@jason_howerton Jason Howerton

The Democrat Party seems to be doing well.pic.twitter.com/02qz6pMIhw

@PoliticalOrgy Quite Frankly

When they aren’t trying to scalp each other they are quoting the Communist Manifesto. Lol no keep going, you loons