Pelosi Turns To Black Caucus For Bill On Policing

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is turning to the Congressional Black Caucus for ideas on a legislative response to the death of George Floyd at the

Consumer "Cash" Spending Is Much Worse Than The Reported Figures

Submitted by Joe Carson, former chief economist of Alliance Bernstein

24-Year Old Dies While Rigging Explosives As Philly Terrorized In String Of ATM Blasts

In among the clearest examples of an attempt at what could be considered domestic terrorism related to the ongoing riots so far, a 24-year-old man died Tuesday

Active-Duty Troops Deployed To Washington DC Are Returning To Their Home Base

Active-duty troops brought in to help if needed with the civil unrest in the nation’s capitol are beginning to return to their home base, after two
Update (1515ET):  In keeping with the wishes of both the George Floyd's family and the expectations of the public, Minnesota's attorney general has just charged the

ECB Discloses Purchases Made Under Its Emergency QE Program

Yesterday, for the first time, the ECB published its first bi-monthly breakdown of its holdings under the Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP) with information on the

Tesla Worker In Buffalo Tests Positive For COVID-19 After Factory Re-Opens

Elon Musk is finally getting his wish of being able to re-open his facilities around the U.S., scoring a huge blow against what he called "fascism"
Just hours after the US announced plans to bar Chinese airlines from flying passenger routes to the US, while Reuters reminds us that the restrictions on
In keeping with the wishes of both the George Floyd's family and the expectations of the public, Minnesota's attorney general has just charged the three other

Architect Of Sweden's 'No Lockdown' Strategy Admits Mistakes As Mortality Rate Soars

As growing numbers of Italians ditch their masks and have declared  the pandemic response a scam, The architect of Sweden's controversial 'no lockdown' coronavirus response admitted

White House Picks 5 'Finalists' For Vaccine Candidate Trials

Despite a paucity of scientific evidence that has prompted many experts to warn that these decisions are dangerously premature, the White House has reportedly selected five
Snapchat - whose employees were busted spying on users sexting each other- has joined the digital resistance, announcing that they will no longer promoting President Trump's

Fed Expands Muni Bailout Facility

While municipalities around the nation are demanding more 'free money' helicopter drops from the government, The Fed has just stepped up its efforts to bailout America's
One month after news that attorneys general for 11 Midwestern states urged the Justice Department on Tuesday to pursue a federal probe into potential price-fixing by

Wal-Mart Removes Guns, Ammo From Sales Floors To Deter Looters

Wal-Mart stores in "select locations" have a message for the looters and rioters who terrorized NYC, LA and other cities over the weekend: "no guns here!"