Wal-Mart Removes Guns, Ammo From Sales Floors To Deter Looters

Category: Tyler Durden
Date: 2 June 2020
Author: Tyler Durden

Wal-Mart stores in "select locations" have a message for the looters and rioters who terrorized NYC, LA and other cities over the weekend: "no guns here!"

Although we tried to explain to looters why robbing a gun store probably isn't a good idea, and not just because you might get shot by the proprietor, Wal-Mart is taking no chances, and has decided to remove guns and ammunition from sales displays and sales floors and store them instead in a "secure room" on the property. This comes after the store barred customers from openly carrying guns inside last year, BI reports.

However, we noticed one interesting detail in the story: Wal-Mart locations near where the riots are happening typically don't sell firearms. In fact, looters even in Texas would need to travel quite a ways to reach a Wal-Mart that as them. This raises another question: Is Wal-Mart simply using this crisis as an excuse to stop selling guns, as corporations around the US burnish their progressive bona fides in solidarity with the movement for racial justice?

The company barred the sale of handguns in Alaska last year - the only state where they were still sold - and has repeatedly promised to stop selling guns, or tighten its restrictions on sales, following mass shootings like the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas on Valentine's Day, 2018.

Then again...

Walmart Employee stacking pallets in front of entrances to protect this store from looting in Raytown Mo. Liberal politicians keep the false narrative that the protests are peaceful. FYI...we have eyes and see through your bull shit. #alllivesmatterpic.twitter.com/LqMnFFBJwF

— Sam Dawson (@SamsGarageSale) June 3, 2020

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said Wednesday that "our problems as a nation run much deeper than one horrible event...until we as a nation confront and address these realities we will never achieve the best of what we can be."

As for why looters shouldn't steal guns if their aim is profit: serial numbers almost guarantee the "hot" merchandise will be seized and the seller arrested.

But if your aim is simply to cause mass chaos in the streets of Philly...


Source: zerohedge.com

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