NFL Anthem-Kneeler Kenny Stills Blasts Dolphins Owner After He Donated To Fight Racism

Houston Texans wide receiver Kenny Stills called Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’ nonprofit donation to “combat systemic racism” a “tax write off.”
On the Fourth of July, we celebrate having this exceptional nation and the freedoms it gives us, but we must always remember that we have those things because

UK Makes Bold Offer to Hong Kong Residents After China Passes Concerning Security Laws

Tensions in Hong Kong rose earlier this week after the People’s Republic of China passed a new national security law that many fear could be used to strip

Exclusive: David Benham Reveals 3 Biblical Business Practices That Paved His Way

After decades of accruing professional experience from Minor League Baseball to the real estate market, Christian businessman and activist David Benham is airing out his wealth of wisdom

Man Arrested After Attack on Two-Year-Old Boy

A man has been arrested in New York City for allegedly slashing the face of a toddler in an unprovoked attack.

As Leftist Violence Spreads, Indiana Republicans Cut Handgun-Carry License Fees to $0

This week in Indiana, a big Second Amendment win went into effect. The state now waives its fees for firearm and handgun licenses.

Supreme Court Gives Pro-Life Indiana Laws a Second Chance

The United States Supreme Court has given Indiana a second chance to review pro-life legislation formerly blocked by a lower court.

Op-Ed: New York Times an Ally to The Taliban, an Enemy to Conservatives

Sirajuddin Haqqani, deputy leader of the Taliban, who has taken up frequent residence on the FBI’s most-wanted list, had a piece published in The New York Times in
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed her defeat in the 2016 presidential race on “the Russians” and “WikiLeaks” while touting that she would be President Donald Trump

Mother Praises God After Reportedly Being Told Pastor Son Had Just 10% Chance of Survival

Part of the reason why COVID-19 is so terrifying is that we have no idea what form it will take if we contract it. Some people have mild

America’s Freedoms Matter

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Trump Admin Protects Women with New Shelter Policy, Angering Trans Activists

George Orwell’s prescient 1945 novel “Animal Farm” illustrated the hypocrisy of tyrannical government, which ostensibly in pursuit of equality ultimately implemented favoritism to certain groups, with the line,
Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy took a $1 million pay cut and had his contract shortened by a year as part of an internal review prompted by criticism
Lately, I’ve heard a common theme expressed by many seasoned Republican political activists bewildered by what they are witnessing: “I can’t understand the depth of hatred for President

Sports Pundit and Former NFL Star Dismantles ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement

Former National Football League star and sports pundit Marcellus Wiley criticized the National Basketball Association’s plan to paint “Black Lives Matter” on courts in Orlando, Florida, and allow

Last Supper Painting with Black Jesus Goes On Display After Church Caves to BLM

For those of you who aren’t up on your Church of England trivia, Archbishop of Canterbury Most Rev. Justin Welby is the head of the Church of England

NFL Announces ‘Black National Anthem’ Will Be Played Before Games

America has two national anthems.
You learn something new every day when being re-educated by leftists.

MLB Cancels All-Star Game for 1st Time Since WWII

Dodger Stadium’s 40-year wait to host the All-Star Game is going to last even longer.

Minnesota Governor Pleads for Federal Aid as Sky-High Bill for Riot Damage Revealed

Minnesota is seeking millions of dollars from the federal government to clean up after the riots that erupted in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police

LA Mayor Admits the Truth About BLM Protests and Coronavirus Outbreak

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti admitted Wednesday that there is a link between the city’s massive Black Lives Matter protests and the spike in coronavirus cases, reversing a