Obama-Appointed Judge Throws Out 2A, Allows Los Angeles To Forcibly Shut Down Gun Stores

Though the severity of the restrictions differs depending upon locality, countless jurisdictions within the United States have trampled all over the civil liberties of American citizens during the

Stock Market Rockets to Highest Level in Weeks

Wall Street shrugged off its gloom Wednesday as the stock market’s most famous index stormed across the 23,000-point barrier for the first time since March
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s response to the coronavirus has been wrong from the beginning.
With the establishment media pouncing on COVID-19 models that portray the coronavirus wreaking unprecedented death and destruction across the country, one of the nation’s most prominent health experts

Home Depot Founder Blasts Dems for Impeaching Trump Instead of Dealing with COVID

For those still skeptical that the relentless investigations of President Donald Trump were a witch hunt, stirrings of further inquiries on his response to the coronavirus crisis from
Dennis Quaid praised President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak despite a journalist’s repeated attempts to push the actor to find fault.

Days Before Easter, California County Makes Going to Church a Crime

With the coronavirus pandemic burning its way across the globe, Christians everywhere are looking forward to Easter — a celebration of life, the faith and the resurrection of

Poll: Trump Is a Better Leader Than Biden During Coronavirus Pandemic

Registered voters say President Donald Trump is a better leader during the coronavirus pandemic than former Vice President Joe Biden, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Alec Baldwin Calls Trump Voters ‘Mentally Ill’

Tweets posted on the Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation’s Twitter account Wednesday said that anyone who votes for President Donald Trump is “mentally ill.”

Even Liberal Websites Calling Out NYT for Smear on Trump over COVID-19 Drug

This time, The Times isn’t fooling anybody.
The “newspaper of record” has spent four years on the warpath against Donald Trump – first as when he was a

Horrors of State Health Care Exposed in UK, Human Life Worth Just $37,000

In the midst of a pandemic, here’s a friendly reminder that in the world of socialized medicine, a quality year of your life is too expensive once it

Op-Ed: FDA, Excessive Bureaucracy To Blame for Continued COVID Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is exposing how the Food and Drug Administration puts Americans at increased risk of sickness and death. Decades of killing medical innovation and forcing industries

Geico Announces Billions of Dollars in Premium Credits for Auto Insurance Customers

Geico has announced it will offer more than $2 billion in premium credits back to its auto and motorcycle insurance customers, as the number of drivers on the
Sen. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the foreign appropriations subcommittee, said Tuesday that the World Health Organization will not receive any funding from the United States under its
President Donald Trump on Wednesday blamed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ exit from the presidential race on Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and extended an olive branch of sorts to
Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell criticized House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for “politicizing” the intelligence community by going to the Washington media public with a

Op-Ed: Real Heroes of COVID Pandemic Are Ordinary Americans, Not Celebrities

In the past few weeks, everyday American life has been turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Federal Appeals Court Allows Texas’ Pandemic Abortion Ban

A federal appeals court has tossed aside a lower court decision that sought to block Texas from enforcing a temporary ban on most abortions amid restrictions imposed during

Acting Navy Secretary Resigns Amid Controversy Over Firing of Aircraft Carrier Captain

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly has resigned, capping days of turmoil that began last week when Capt. Brett Crozier, the former commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, called

Breaking: Bernie Sanders Suspends Presidential Campaign

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is dropping out of the 2020 Democratic presidential race, his campaign announced Wednesday.