CNN and MSNBC Air Bloomberg Ad with 9/11 Lie, Don’t Bother Calling It Fake News

The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, brought New York City and the whole country to its knees.

India Shows Respect for Trump, Cleans Parts of Taj Mahal It Never Touched for Obama

President Donald Trump has been in India the past two days, and his visit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making a whole lot of news — most

Berning Down the House

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A spokesman for Bill Cosby on Monday labeled the conviction of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on sexual assault charges a “very sad day” for the judicial system.

Watch as 110,000 Indians Defy Narrative That World’s Anti-Trump, Greet Pres. in Trump Hats

President Donald Trump was greeted by an excited throng more than 110,000 strong on Monday as he and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi prepared to deliver remarks at

Don Jr: CNN Has Done More Damage Than Russians Ever Dreamed of Doing

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Monday that CNN has done “more damage” to the integrity of American elections than Russians could have ever dreamed of.

Trump Blasts Supreme Court Justice for ‘Inappropriate’ Comment as He Continues India Visit

A fiery dissent issued last week by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor in a case involving a Trump administration rule that makes it harder for immigrants to land

Sarah Sanders Issues Wise Word of Caution for Trump Voters Cheering On Bernie in Primary

Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has a word of warning for Trump supporters thrilled that socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders looks like the favorite for the

Former Egyptian President and US Ally Mubarak Dead at 91

Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian leader who was the face of stability in the Middle East for nearly 30 years before being forced from power in an Arab Spring

Bloomberg Campaign Points Blame at Bernie Sanders After Office Is Vandalized

Tensions between the campaigns of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont rose Monday after Bloomberg’s campaign accused Sanders loyalists of vandalizing

Rush: Coronavirus Being Used by Media To Tank Trump’s Economy

The media wants a recession and they want it to happen before the 2020 presidential election takes place in November.

Democrats Should Be Panicking Over Latest Trump Rally Numbers

If Democrats think President Donald Trump will be easy to defeat, they might want to think again.
How do you say “chicken out” in Cherokee?
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, still campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination despite an embarrassing fourth-place showing in the

Hours After Bernie Defends Palestinians, Palestinians Shoot Rocket into Israeli Playground

A Palestinian rocket attack missed a Jewish school in the Israeli city of Sderot on Monday afternoon but damaged its adjacent playground in a scenario

Op-Ed: Bloomberg Tries To Control Others Because He Can’t Control Himself

There used to be a social stigma against believing and behaving as if you are entitled to tell perfect strangers how to speak, what to do or how
So federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced Roger Stone to 40 months in federal prison.

Kobe Bryant’s Widow Sues Helicopter Company, Pilot for Deaths

Kobe Bryant’s widow sued the owner of the helicopter that crashed in fog and killed the former Los Angeles Lakers star and their 13-year-old daughter last month as
A Trump administration rule that makes it harder for immigrants to land on welfare when they land in the United States takes effect Monday.

Jury Finds Harvey Weinstein Guilty, but Not on All Charges

This is a timeline from The Associated Press of the latest on a verdict in the rape and sexual assault trial of Harvey Weinstein (all times local):

Bernie Sanders Defends Fidel Castro, Ted Cruz Exposes the Absurdity with Biting Response

Bernie Sanders is going to be sorry.
When the aging left-winger from Vermont, the avowed socialist who’s now leading the Democratic Party’s race for the