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I have migrated the forum to a different package to make it easier for users to submit “private” questions. That’s especially useful with technical problems. 

I'm making good progress adding the import pipes for various "red pill" sources I want to feature on TWOO. 54 out of 65 are done so far. Those 53 pipes that are working get updated every 5 minutes, meaning there is only a 5-minute gap between an article/video being posted on one of the featured sources and that item being reproduced on TWOO.

Comedian in chief. Greatest stand-up comedian ever.

FULL RALLY: President Trump in Hershey,...

President Trump spoke directly to voters in the battleground state of Pennsylvania the same day House democrats announced they would charge him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

The author is obviously suffering from a severe case of TDS. My rule of thumb, with any...…

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This nonsense has to stop NOW!!!

Sadly, 99% of Americans probably have never heard of her. 

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