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I've just uploaded on the frontend a 750GB video in 25 minutes, 7/7 Ripple Effects 2. At that speed, a full feature HD video of 2GB would take about 70 minutes.

I have fixed the automated import of articles from featured websites and video channels. As a result, the site has now gone sluggish for a bit because the cronjob importing the articles is busy catching up with the backlog of new items that have accumulated since I last manually executed the import pipeline. Once that's complete, those cronjobs should no longer put on any strain on the server.

The video section is ready now for the upload of videos by users on the frontend. It's working for videos up to 2 GB.

71% of Hongkongers queuing up to vote in local elections?! That's a miracle!!! Hongkonger normally...

I am all in favor of catching illegals, but I am not very fond of the entrapment side of this sting.

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